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10 Mar 2022

What Is Home Addition & How To Do It?

Home Addition is building any structural modifications into a home. 

Building a room or a kitchen bump or renovation are various home additions. There can be many reasons for doing addition in a house. 

Family expansion, life changes, maintenance issues, and lack of spaces can be a few reasons to go in for home additions.  

Home additions can add value to your house, not only resale value-wise but also emotions wise. It can even make the house look more spacious. And even spread positive vibes around the house. 

Following are the steps that can be adopted by the owner for doing a home addition. 

1. Is It Necessary? 

The first step you have to do is to introspect whether it is necessary to have an addition in your house. Find the cost of home additions and compare it with your financial position. Check if the addition will add value to your house or ruin it. You will have to think about whether it is worth doing an addition or moving to a new house. Plan the course of action careful.  

2. Budgeting 

Home additions can vary from low-cost changes to expensive ones. It all depends on what time of home addition you want to build. Check whether you have a budget for going forward with a home addition. 

Compare the cost of different home additions builders and calculate the expense you can incur accordingly. If your finance is tight, better wait until you save some money, or you can even opt for a home or personal loan. 

3. Contact A Contractor 

Check the prices different contractor offers. Evaluate their professional work by reading the review of their clients. Assess the quality of the materials they use. Then compare these and select the one who offers the best services to their clients. 

 4. Types of Home Additions 

 There are five types of home additions which are as follows: 


Renovation means upgrading or repairing the existing room of the house. They may include - fixing any furniture, replacing window frames and glasses, transforming the kitchen into modular, upgrading floor tiles, painting the house, repairing bathrooms, etc. Building new furniture and upholsteries are also part of the renovation. 

b.Building Room 

It includes adding a new room or a bump-out within the existing house. It is broadening or narrowing the area of existing rooms. Such home additions take less time and are cheaper. 

c.Extension Build Out 

Extension Build Out means expanding the existing house at ground level by taking in the yard area. It helps in widening the space of a room. An extension can be done in one or more rooms. 

d.Addition Build Up 

Addition Build Up means adding space in the house by building up the floor. The additional floor can have a new loft or room.  

e.New Built 

The New built doesn't include any construction in the existing house. It is altogether building a new home. 

5. Shifting 

To renovate, paint or repair, some furniture and household items have to be shifted. Find a storage unit where one can temporarily store them safely. 

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