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25 Aug 2021

Benefits Of Well-Equipped Storage Units For Supercars

There can be many reasons you want to keep your supercars in storage, like moving to a new place, going for a vacation or lack of storage in your backyard. But, you cant park your favourite car outside or just store it anywhere. 

The best place you can store them is a sophisticated storage unit. Compare all the services vehicle storage companies provides, and the benefits customers can get by storing their cars. And, then select the best vehicle storage company. Supercars need proper protection and regular maintenance. 

Below you can learn the essential benefits of storing your supercars.

1. Maintenance.

Proper maintenance service is very much vital for the supercars for keeping them running. Regular checking of fuels, oiling of the engine, interior cleaning, waxing of leathers and disconnecting the batteries are some of the main services that are offered by the storage unit companies. This can help in reducing the damage of these supercars. Professionals visit frequently to check the pressure of tires and for periodic startups.

2. Temperature Controlled Storage.

You cannot leave your luxury cars out in the open. They need proper indoor packing that will protect them against sunlight, moisture and rainfall. Exposure to sunlight for long period can ruin the paint of the car and can heat the leather of the car and the engine.  Too much moisture can chip off the paint of your car. It can also cause the growth of mildew in the interior of your car. There are chances of rainwater entering your car if it is parked out in the open for a long period. 

These well-equipped units are climate controlled with good ventilation.  The air-conditioned units help reduce the moisture from the environment preventing the growth of any fungus and rust.

3. Protects From Dust, Debris and Pests.

One of the vital benefits of storing your supercars indoors is that it protects them from dust, incests and even from any debris. When the cars are stored under properly insulated units, they prevent the dust and debris from settling on the cars. Even pests are stopped from entering the car and causing any damage.

4. Enhanced Security.

Another advantage of storing your supercars indoors is that the storage units are well-equipped with advanced security like constant monitoring through  CCTV surveillance and free 24/7 personal access for the customers. This can help in reducing any manhandling or theft.

5. Storage Contract Period.

Different types of storage period contracts are offered by the storage units companies to their customers. The range of periods given is one month, three months, six months and one year. Customers have to choose the period they want to store their supercars.  

6. Insurance. 

These companies also provide insurance cover to their clients. The insurance will cover the damages done during the storage period.

7. Easy Payment.

These units offer online payment options like net banking and card payment. A facility like this will make the payment process quick and easy.  

What Does The Box Offers?

We at The Box offer the best facilities for storing Supercars. From regular maintenance and climate-controlled units to friendly customer services. For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX(843269). 

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20 Aug 2021

A Guideline On How To Be Ready For Packing And Moving

Moving to a new place is always exciting. The experience is altogether different. But, the only concerning issue is Packing and Moving. You can hire professional packers and movers for the safe and secure movement of your goods. 

But, before that, you need to chalk out a detailed set of steps you should take on how to be ready for packing and moving. 

1. Make A List Of Items For Packing And Moving.

First and foremost, make a list of the goods you want to pack. Write down the number items to avoid confusion and miscounting in the future.  The fragile items, furniture and electric appliances should get special attention. 

2. Separate Unimportant Items.

Check if you have any unimportant items and keep them separately. Donate unwanted items for charity and chuck away any broken or ruined ones. 

3. Check Out Your New Home.

Checking out your new house will help you understand which item will go where. Once you know where to keep specific goods, it helps in saving your time. Unloading becomes super easy due to a lack of confusion. You can even make some arrangements if your new home doesn’t have it. 

4. Select The Best Packers and Movers.

Selecting professional packers and movers is a vital step. Shortlist a few of these companies and check the facilities given by them. The parameters on which companies have to be compared are price, best facilities, quality packing materials, professional team, customer reviews, and insurance security. Choose the one that excels on all the above parameters.

5. Explain Your Plans With Packers and Movers.

Your plans should be accurately explained to the packers and movers such as when you want to shift, the time required for packing and the total cost for packing and moving. Tell them how you want your things to be packed like fragile items, heavy furniture and electric appliances. Make sure you tell them to correctly cushion these items to avoid any damage. 

6. Separate Packing For Valuable.

Keep valuables like precious jewellery and painting separate. Make sure you pack them yourself. Carry it in your vehicle to avoid thieving. It is not that you cannot trust the packing team, but it is better to be cautious rather than being sorry. 

7. Supervise The Whole Process Yourself.

While packing and shifting, mistakes are bound to happen. You may forget a few items behind or some items may even have been packed improperly. To avoid such mistakes, supervise the packing process, advise the team how you want your things to get packed. Give them proper instructions and make sure they are followed well.

How The BOX Helps In Secure Packing And Moving

The Box in Beirut is the most trusted storage and movers of UAE. They offer the best services at reasonable costs with insurance cover. The infrastructure used by them is the finest. The packing materials provided by them to their customers are of the best quality. 

The Box’s professional team works efficiently to offer quality services to its clients for a satisfactory experience. That is why they have high customer ratings.

Now you know which mover’s team to hire when you want to move into a new house!

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14 Aug 2021

Ways To Become Environmentally Conscious

Due to an increase in population, the consumption of natural resources has gone haywire. These resources are exhaustible. Hence, exploiting them would be harmful not only to the environment but also to our future generations! As a society, we should become more conscious of our environment, its resources and must always strive to preserve them. 

Below are the ways that can be adapted, to become more mindful of our environment.

1. Educating About The Importance Of Our Environment.

When we read more about our environment, its features, its functions, we realize how the importance of it. Once you learn more about the food chain, the food web, one realizes how every animal depends on another for its survival.

2. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint.

One can calculate their carbon footprint online. There are various apps to calculate the carbon footprint. Reduced or improve habits can improve your carbon footprint on the environment.

3. Conserving. 

Water and energy conversations are one of the main steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Avoid overuse of natural resources like coal, fossil fuels. Close the water tap properly. If you have leaking pipes, repair them. Switch off electric appliances, lights when not in use. 

4. Planting Trees.

Trees absorb the Carbon Di Oxide and give out Oxygen, helping to control climate change. This will, in turn, reduce Global Warming. Hence plant more trees to protect our environment. 

5. Composting.

Compost made at home using the kitchen’s wet waste can be a good nutrient supply for the plants. This will reduce the amount of garbage that will go the landfills, lowering air pollution. 

6. Avoid Littering. 

Do not throw away your garbage on the streets. Once it starts to pile up, the air will start getting polluted, increasing diseases around it. People should be educated on throwing their trash in a dustbin. 

7. Recycling 

Recycling the waste can help lower the garbage volume. Buy products made from recycled items. You can even find different ways to recycle plastic items on the internet. But, the only thing that cannot be recycled is a hazardous material. 

8. Avoid Use of Plastic

Try to minimize the use of plastics. Carry cloth bags rather than polythene bags. Carry reusable cups to avoid plastic ones. 

9. Make Maximum Use of Carpooling

If you live close to your colleagues, try to sharing lifts or take turns in driving. It will help in saving fuel and also reduce air pollution.

10. Solar Energy

Solar Power is clean energy and can be used for diverse appliances. Appliances that use this energy have a low maintenance cost plus the electricity cost gradually goes down.

11. Energy Saving Appliances.

Old appliances eat up more electricity. Energy-saving appliances, LED bulbs helps in consuming less power. 

The BOX, an Eco-Friendly Storage Company: 

The Box has taken a few initiatives to protect the environment since 2019. We love to make a positive impact together with its community and plants a tree for every new customer. Since then we have planted 2916 trees. Customers get a certificate each time a tree is planted on their behalf. This certificate contains information such as the species of the tree, the amount of CO2 it would offset and the project it supports. The physical location of the tree is also available on the certificate.

Discover our forest here: The Box Forest

All our boxes contain a message encouraging end-users to reuse boxes as much as possible. All boxes used for our moves and for storage are reused until they no longer can be and thereafter collected and given for recycling on a monthly basis

We have also been an active member of the UN Global Compact since September 2016 and has aligned its value system with the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact. 

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10 Aug 2021

FAQs - Self Storage Unit

When you decide to store your valuable items, you try to find the best option available in the market. While selecting a storage unit, many doubts arise in your mind. 

The below set of questionnaires will make you understand how to compare different storage units and which one is apt for your items.

Hope this will help you to choose the best storage unit!

1. What are different types of storage companies are available in the market?

Ans: There are two types of storage companies available. The first one is Self-Storage, where you will own the whole storage unit for keeping your items. You will be provided with a key so that you can frequently access your items.

The second one is shared storage, where you will share the storage unit with another person, one or more than one. Due to this, you will not get a personal locking system. This type is cheaper than Self Storage.

2. How should I ask for storage quotes?

Ans: The storage companies will provide you with their respective form in which you have to explain your requirements for storage to them. Within one day, the companies will reply to you. After receiving all the quotes, you compare them and their customers’ reviews and select the best storage services.

3. On what aspects will be the rental charges depend upon?

Ans: The cost for storage depends on many aspects, like the type of storage, the number of items you want to store, the storage period, the security features and much more. If you want to choose a larger storage unit, the charges availed will be higher. Self-Storage is costlier than other storage options.

4. What are the security facilities provided by the storage companies?

Ans: You should compare the security services offered by the companies like 24/7 CCTV surveillance, well-ventilated storage units, the quality of the packing materials given by them and personal access for the customers. 

5. What items should be avoided for storage?

Ans: Avoid storing biodegradable items, hazardous chemicals, precious pieces of jewellery and collections, animals and plants and unregistered vehicles with full fuel tanks.

6. How much space will I need for storing my goods?

Ans: You can understand how much space you need for storing when you have collected all the information about storage units offered by the companies. Then, after comparing them, you can choose the right one that matches your requirements.

7. What are the most common storage units customers opt for?

Ans: The most common one is a 10ft*10ft unit.

8. What are the different storage periods offered by the company?

Ans: Different companies provide different and flexible short and long term storage contracts. Some of them are one month, three months, six months and one-year rental periods.

9. What are the payment terms and the payment options provided?

Ans: Some companies ask for one month deposit with one month rent. They may ask you to pay the prepay the rent at the start of the month. Some even offer different payment facilities like online payments, credit and debit card payments. 
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