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20 Aug 2021

A Guideline On How To Be Ready For Packing And Moving

Moving to a new place is always exciting. The experience is altogether different. But, the only concerning issue is Packing and Moving. You can hire professional packers and movers for the safe and secure movement of your goods. 

But, before that, you need to chalk out a detailed set of steps you should take on how to be ready for packing and moving. 

1. Make A List Of Items For Packing And Moving.

First and foremost, make a list of the goods you want to pack. Write down the number items to avoid confusion and miscounting in the future.  The fragile items, furniture and electric appliances should get special attention. 

2. Separate Unimportant Items.

Check if you have any unimportant items and keep them separately. Donate unwanted items for charity and chuck away any broken or ruined ones. 

3. Check Out Your New Home.

Checking out your new house will help you understand which item will go where. Once you know where to keep specific goods, it helps in saving your time. Unloading becomes super easy due to a lack of confusion. You can even make some arrangements if your new home doesn’t have it. 

4. Select The Best Packers and Movers.

Selecting professional packers and movers is a vital step. Shortlist a few of these companies and check the facilities given by them. The parameters on which companies have to be compared are price, best facilities, quality packing materials, professional team, customer reviews, and insurance security. Choose the one that excels on all the above parameters.

5. Explain Your Plans With Packers and Movers.

Your plans should be accurately explained to the packers and movers such as when you want to shift, the time required for packing and the total cost for packing and moving. Tell them how you want your things to be packed like fragile items, heavy furniture and electric appliances. Make sure you tell them to correctly cushion these items to avoid any damage. 

6. Separate Packing For Valuable.

Keep valuables like precious jewellery and painting separate. Make sure you pack them yourself. Carry it in your vehicle to avoid thieving. It is not that you cannot trust the packing team, but it is better to be cautious rather than being sorry. 

7. Supervise The Whole Process Yourself.

While packing and shifting, mistakes are bound to happen. You may forget a few items behind or some items may even have been packed improperly. To avoid such mistakes, supervise the packing process, advise the team how you want your things to get packed. Give them proper instructions and make sure they are followed well.

How The BOX Helps In Secure Packing And Moving

The Box in Beirut is the most trusted storage and movers of UAE. They offer the best services at reasonable costs with insurance cover. The infrastructure used by them is the finest. The packing materials provided by them to their customers are of the best quality. 

The Box’s professional team works efficiently to offer quality services to its clients for a satisfactory experience. That is why they have high customer ratings.

Now you know which mover’s team to hire when you want to move into a new house!

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