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25 Aug 2021

Benefits Of Well-Equipped Storage Units For Supercars

There can be many reasons you want to keep your supercars in storage, like moving to a new place, going for a vacation or lack of storage in your backyard. But, you cant park your favourite car outside or just store it anywhere. 

The best place you can store them is a sophisticated storage unit. Compare all the services vehicle storage companies provides, and the benefits customers can get by storing their cars. And, then select the best vehicle storage company. Supercars need proper protection and regular maintenance. 

Below you can learn the essential benefits of storing your supercars.

1. Maintenance.

Proper maintenance service is very much vital for the supercars for keeping them running. Regular checking of fuels, oiling of the engine, interior cleaning, waxing of leathers and disconnecting the batteries are some of the main services that are offered by the storage unit companies. This can help in reducing the damage of these supercars. Professionals visit frequently to check the pressure of tires and for periodic startups.

2. Temperature Controlled Storage.

You cannot leave your luxury cars out in the open. They need proper indoor packing that will protect them against sunlight, moisture and rainfall. Exposure to sunlight for long period can ruin the paint of the car and can heat the leather of the car and the engine.  Too much moisture can chip off the paint of your car. It can also cause the growth of mildew in the interior of your car. There are chances of rainwater entering your car if it is parked out in the open for a long period. 

These well-equipped units are climate controlled with good ventilation.  The air-conditioned units help reduce the moisture from the environment preventing the growth of any fungus and rust.

3. Protects From Dust, Debris and Pests.

One of the vital benefits of storing your supercars indoors is that it protects them from dust, incests and even from any debris. When the cars are stored under properly insulated units, they prevent the dust and debris from settling on the cars. Even pests are stopped from entering the car and causing any damage.

4. Enhanced Security.

Another advantage of storing your supercars indoors is that the storage units are well-equipped with advanced security like constant monitoring through  CCTV surveillance and free 24/7 personal access for the customers. This can help in reducing any manhandling or theft.

5. Storage Contract Period.

Different types of storage period contracts are offered by the storage units companies to their customers. The range of periods given is one month, three months, six months and one year. Customers have to choose the period they want to store their supercars.  

6. Insurance. 

These companies also provide insurance cover to their clients. The insurance will cover the damages done during the storage period.

7. Easy Payment.

These units offer online payment options like net banking and card payment. A facility like this will make the payment process quick and easy.  

What Does The Box Offers?

We at The Box offer the best facilities for storing Supercars. From regular maintenance and climate-controlled units to friendly customer services. For more information call us at tel:800 THE BOX(843269). 

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