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13 Mar 2015

Looking For Storage & Moving Companies? Here Is Your Key To Choose The Right One

Considering so many storage service providers in Beirut alone, choosing the right one becomes difficult. What customers look for is a provider’s reliability and accessibility. And very few storage and moving services in Beirut, Lebanon rate high on that scale.

This blog is your key to choose the right storage and moving company in Beirut, Lebanon. The 2 factors which make a reliable storage and moving company are-

1) Reliability 
2) Accessibility scale

So how do you gauge these factors? By ensuring that the company stands high on the following 2 factors.

The 2 factors which determine storage and moving company’s credibility are as follows:

1. Authorization- 
Before leaving your precious items with any storage company, ensure it has a valid license. If any company denies showing their license then immediately remove the thought of taking their service. You don’t want to risk your precious items with one whom you cannot trust, do you?

2. Does the company provide reliable estimates on paper?

Certain companies mention specifications for different types of services while many don’t. For instance, for moving instances involving long distances, companies charge higher. However, there is no mention of the rates per kilometer and such other specifications. Therefore you may find the prices unduly high. Hence, before signing the deal, clarify all such things on paper.

Note- It is always better to have all requirements and specifications given by the company formally documented than just a verbal conversation.

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