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25 Apr 2014

Types Of Warehouse Storage - What’s Your Choice?

Warehouse storage has slowly become one of the most important aspects of
business. Often, retailers and wholesalers have to stow a large number of goods under one roof and so warehouses are ideal for that. There are different kinds of warehouses and you have to select the one that suits your need the most. Mentioned below are some types of warehouses that are in use.

1.    Private warehouse – Such warehouses are operated by the wholesaler itself. All the functions right from the storage to the distribution are handled by the retailer in charge of the warehouse.

2.    Public warehouse – A public warehouse is generally used on a short term basis. Often when retailers have no space left in their private warehouse, they opt for the public one especially when the consignment is available on a large scale. For example, there is a sudden demand of goods for which you are not prepared. That’s when public warehouses can be used productively for storing the unexpected set of goods or produce.

3.    Automated warehouse – With the development of top notch technologies in the recent days, automated warehouses are all alive and kicking. Right from using conveyor belts to port goods, to the use of world class security features; all these attributes have made automated warehouses a blissful reality. In such warehouses, very few people are required to take care of all the proceedings. The term automated warehouse has become popular because all the processes are indeed automatic. Products are even distributed using pallets and other modern technology.

4.    Climate controlled warehouse – Such units are generally used for storing all the food materials such as milk, rice, grains and so on. Climate controlled units can adjust to the ambient temperature and you can ensure that the things stored in them do not get spoilt in any way. Such units are important as they can increase the shelf life of all your food items and protect them from infestation by microbes and insects.

5.    Distribution warehouse – Such warehouses hoard the goods for a very small amount of time and are generally used for distributing the things. For example, if the goods arrive in the morning, then all of them are distributed by evening.

These are some of the warehouses used in the present times. So what’s your pick?
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21 Apr 2014

Types of Commercial Storage – Select the Right One

Commercial storage is the one step solution to all your space woes. Many
people believe that opting for self storage is not a budget friendly alternative. However, that is far from the truth. Most of the times, such units end up to be quite profitable for the company in question. There are different types of commercial storage facilities to meet the needs of people. From a top businessman to a person running a small start-up organization, everyone needs a storage unit to stash away the large amount of goods and produce. Commercial storage is quickly developing as a reliable source for all businesses.

Mentioned below are its three main types.
1.    Standard storage units – If you’re planning to free up some space in the office and reduce the clutter of files and other forms of paperwork, then you can opt for one of those standard storage units. They are the ones that are normally used for all your business needs. You can organize the unit as per your requirement. They are available in three standard sizes of small, medium and large, and you have the flexibility to choose any one of them as per your need.

2.    Climate controlled units – Large scale retailers and wholesalers generally opt for climate controlled units. That’s because such spaces help to protect the products from moisture and infestation. A stable temperature is maintained in the unit that helps to protect the goods from mildew, mold and other microbes. This makes it an efficient alternative as compared to other kinds of storage units. Food materials are normally stowed in such units as such commodities are very sensitive to the ambient temperature.

3.    Portable storage units – This is one of the most convenient forms of self storage you have in your hands. Especially while you’re revamping your office or any other place, you can easily move your things from one place to another by using this kind of storage. So you don’t have to arrange for a separate moving service as all your needs are met by these portable storage units alone.

These are the 3 types of units available to meet all your commercial storage requirements.
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