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22 Oct 2013

Need for Insurance for your Storage Unit

You might have kept dozens of things in a storage unit right from your refrigerator, to your extra cabinet to things such as antiques or posters. And you can’t imagine any form of destruction to them even in your wildest dreams. But one day, there’s a shock, fire opens up on the room. So what do you do then? Can you file a case against the storage service provider, which mostly will not be in your favor? 

That’s where insurance comes into play. As a consumer, you need to keep your things insured with the storage service provider. Calamities do not come with a warning! So you need to pull up your socks and get things done in the right manner and at the right time. Not all storage services provide insurance for your gadgets even during extreme cases of theft or fire or any other damage.

Before renting a storage unit, you need to get it insured first. You can insure it using your home policy, but that may not include all the things kept in the storage unit. Alternately, you could send the storage provider a list of all the items stowed along with their value. The storage provider may himself include insurance charges along with the rental changes you’re paying for the stuff.

Especially if you have expensive and luxurious items stored in your unit, it is best to keep them secured not just by lock and keys but by insurance as well. You don’t know the future, do you? So why take chances with your priced possessions. Though it’s very difficult to part from certain goods that have a sentimental value, a compensation for the lost object can at least give you some mental satisfaction.
Warning bells don’t always ring. So be prepared and get insurance coverage for your stored goods right now
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11 Oct 2013

Unpacking Tips:Unpack Your Boxes After Moving In New Home

Have you just reached your new home sweet home? Itchy hands, fluttering hearts and vivid imagination, there’s just no end to your excitement. In this blog we help you calm your nerves and arrange your house in the most elegant and compact manner possible. Read on.

1.       Before starting up with the unpacking, make a rough sketch of how you want the house to look. It could be anything, right from the placement of major furniture such as cabinets, sofas, beds to the minor things such as food cans, show pieces and so on.

2.       Don’t be in a hurry. The process of unpacking should be slow yet steady. Think over each and every aspect such as placement of things, water tanks and other essentials. 

3.       Be careful while unpacking bigger stuff. Sometimes while unpacking bigger things, scratches are bound to occur. So move out the bigger stuff carefully and place them in their respective places. 

4.       Think about the important things first. For example, the gas, water tank, bathroom arrangement need to be sorted out first. Only then can you look further and arrange the bigger objects. Arranging the most important items will give you a sense of relief and then you can comfortably move on with the other objects.

5.       Always keep some space either near the kitchen or any other area where all you people can sit and discuss. You need to talk it out since placement of the other things is still left.
6.       Things that you absolutely love but you cannot find a storage place for ought to be sent for placement in a separate storage unit.
7.       You need to think practically and not get overly emotional with your arrangements. You need to adjust with your family members’ ideas while not forgetting to put forth yours as well. Especially with things like placement of a poster or a painting, you need to get your point across while still conforming to the needs of other people in the house.

Everything in your house is close to your heart. So unpack your love with utmost care and elegance.
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