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23 Oct 2017

How To Store Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen holds a pride of place in the house. A place filled with delicious smells and interesting sounds, and most importantly, food. Behind all this action, are lots of kitchen knick knacks and appliances that are the lifeline of the kitchen. Sometimes these appliances can become redundant because they’re replaced or a food trend changes, or you don’t want to use a smoothie maker for a while. It becomes necessary to stow away such appliances. Here’s how you can do it perfectly.
  1. Clean: Make sure that the appliances are spotless from the inside and outside. Any food, dust or liquid particle can wreak havoc during storage.
  2. Packing: Pack your appliances in individual boxes that they came in or other suitable boxes.
  3. Label: Label each box so that it’s easy to place and find.
  4. Stack: The biggest and heaviest appliances, ones that you don’t use frequently, should go at the bottom of the pile while smaller ones need to be on top.
  5. Store: Keep the appliances in your store room or choose Beirut’s storage solutions if there is lack of space.
  6. Track: Keep a list of appliances you have stored awake either at home or in Personal Storage in Beirut so the next time you need these appliances, they are handy for you.
Your kitchen needs to be decluttered once in a while and there is no harm is storing some appliances to maintain the looks and space of your kitchen. This will surely impress any visitors you have and make your life easy.
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