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7 Sept 2015

Tips To Store Your Precious Handbags

For most women, handbags form their life-long companions. These companions also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can often trouble you with storage woes.Here are some smart ways to store your precious handbags in an organized manner de-cluttering your closet.

Begin with de-cluttering step-by-step
In a closet, there are three things you need to look at while storing your handbags- rear shelf space, closet rod and front open wall space.

Now, store the bags that are frequently used within easy reach using front open wall spaces. The special occasions handbags can go being in the rear shelf space or can be stored in labelled storage boxes kept under the bed.

Ensure total protection
The best way to store bags life-long such that they don’t lose their shape and color, is to store them covered in acid-free tissue papers.

Expensive bags of high importance which are made of natural fibres and leather must go inside climate-controlled moving and storage service units.

Tip- If there is no dust cover sheath to protect your bags, you can store them in pillowcases for protection.

Storage of clutches
Clutches are smaller in size, making them ideal to be stored in hanging shoe bags and stackable shoe racks.

Shoulder Bags
The bags with long straps known as shoulder bags can be stored in bins on a closet shelf. You can also keep them mounted to a wall or hang them on hooks on a closet rod.

Concluding tip- If hanging, ensure that you hang those bags that are frequently used as with time prolonged hanging can damage the strap.

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