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11 Apr 2012

Handy Tips for those Evaluating Self Storage Solutions in Lebanon

Storage in Lebanon has matured from those early days into a solutions driven industry. Given that there are many options in the market, here are some handy tips to help decide upon the best one for your needs:

How much space do you want?
Deciding how much space is required is one of the first steps one must undertake when choosing a storage provider. Storage units come in multiple sizes and not all storage providers may have the storage you need. While some believe in renting the smallest possible place they need, one must remember that they would need some room to maneuver. Some of the better operators out there do offer handy storage calculators to help guide potential customers in their decisions.

Accessibility to the storage unit:
While most storage operators do offer personal fork-lifts, it does get rather convenient and saves you a lot of trouble if you choose an operator that offers you drive-up access to your unit.

Climate Control:Many people believe that climate control is simply a gimmick that’s designed to fleece more money out of them. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Climate controlled storage units are a life-savior when it comes to storing those precious memories and delicate belongings.

Stop Hoarding:Once they rent a storage unit, many tend to simply throw in all the unnecessary or unwanted stuff that they wanted to discard, but didn’t have the heart to throw them away. A storage unit is not a place to hoard stuff (though, you could do that as well), it is simply an expensive habit of the really lazy people. So do sift through your items before they go into storage. You’ll be amazed at the amount of clutter that you manage to reduce through such an exercise.

Sorting Through:Dumping stuff in a haphazard manner in a storage unit is only bound to create chaos later. Being aware of what’s going into storage comes handy when you have to retrieve it later. Sorting all your belongings out and marking them out on a rough map-of-sorts is a great way to get over such an obstacle.

Hidden Charges:While the general majority of storage operators are an honest lot, there are still some who could be out there to swindle you out of your money. Read the fine print carefully while evaluating operators. It’s your money, so do take your time and don’t forget to ask for your queries to be resolved to your satisfaction. Take extra care and keep an eagle’s eye out for any hidden charges that may be levied.

Checking back:Once you’ve chosen your storage unit, signed the contract and move your stuff in, it is not a sign for you to disappear into the unknown. Quality storage operators do take ample security measures to protect your belongings, but it doesn’t take too much time or efforts to check in on your stuff from time-to-time.

The choice for self storage solutions in Lebanon is tremendous, so use the above tips and choose wisely!
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