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25 Jul 2021

Smart Interior – A new way of remodelling wardrobe

What is Remodelling? 

Remodelling is the process of changing the functionality and the design of an area. It may involve tearing out a wall to expand a bathroom and reconfiguring a kitchen layout so the cabinets, fridge, sink, and range are in different locations. Constructing an addition to your home would also be considered a remodel.

Year after year, we find ourselves with more things than the year before. For most people, there’s hardly enough space in their homes as it is! And now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to improve their lives and look after what they have.

Move or make do?

Before the pandemic, people were more likely to simply move house for a change or a bigger place. But in these tense times, renovating, restructuring or refurbishing your home may represent a better choice since it saves you the hassle of moving during a pandemic and is much more cost-effective. It will not only reduce the stress but also reduce the increasing financial burden by cutting on charges stamp duty, transportation etc. With money a lot tighter than usual, many are choosing to renovate.

The smart interior will help you store more and reduce financial stress.  Let’s see the options for such smart interior and spacing hacks.

Add drawers and shelving

Old furniture had large shelves and drawers. Add some drawers and shelving. It’s an amazing way to use the space efficiently as you can place clothes or baby diapers or maybe some jewellery too inside while utilising the top, often unused area, for other things you don’t need to access as often (such as seasonal items or sports equipment).

Create separate zones

You may be having many garments which you want to throw away or store in your storage unit. This will help you with your spacing activity and give you more scope to renovate and innovate. This will allow you to have one rail at the top for shirts and sweaters, and one below for skirts or trousers. This will double the amount of hanging space on this side easily since very few people have a wardrobe full of full-length ball gowns! 

Multi-tier shoe rack

Family mean people of all age. Every family has a shoe lover while a member having two pairs all their life. A family needs space for everyone. The best way to use a space for shoes is to add a multi-tiered shoe rack which will keep your footwear neat and looked after, as well as storing them economically. This will not only tuck in some laying around clutter but ad some shape to it.

We can help 

There are multiple ways to refurbish your wardrobe. But if still need a secure and clean place to store your belonging. If you still need any more space, get a free quote or visit our website for more information.

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21 Jul 2021

Discover Forgotten Gems At Home In This Pandemic

Today's time is very uncertain. No one can predict what is coming next. But we only can adapt to it. The run of keeping up with the changes had utilized a lot of energy, time, and peace.

The 2021 COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of this with households around the world, stuck at home thanks to nationwide lockdowns.

But not all can be bad. Let's seek a positive side to stay at home? The most important point is the quality of time you get to spend with your family, the time you save on travel, the cab money you can use to persuasive some hobby, etc.

So we have created a list of things that you can pull out of the storage at home or in a unit and gear up during pandemic.


Desk jobs are known for increase increasing obesity, some inches, body pain, etc. When you are at home you either sit on a desk or maybe binge through series. It generally halts your activity to a certain level.

Let's use those extra minutes in home work-out with equipment storage in the units`, whether it be dumbells, a yoga mat, or even a treadmill. It's time to unbox all the fitness gear kept in your storage, under the bed, or even in the closet.

Working out not keeps your health game on point as well as it can be during a time when we but it also sharpens your mental health by keeping you motivated and flushing out negative toxins and releasing serotonin.

Life Journal

The greatest fact of a pandemic is not being able to meet family or friends in vulnerable and isolated situations. However, we should be thankful enough that, we have electronics that connect with you loved once virtually. 

These are the situation where you sit and think about family, moments, friends, etc. What can be done in such moments? Pour your heart out. You cant talk to anyone, create your very own family with help of a life journal or scrapbook. Thanks to sites like Pinterest or Etsy, scrapbooking as a hobby has come back to life in recent years. With help of this site be creative, expressive, descriptive, etc. All of this will bring in the bright side of your inner self and help you to heal from time. To time.


Pandemic has affected many all around the world. It has not spared even the upper class. Some lost their jobs, some loved ones, some comfort, and some mental health too. Many have taken up cooking post-pandemic. Cooking has proved to be a hobby, mediation, or maybe a need for some. 

So open those cartons with kitchen written on it. Take your baking, steaming, grilling, and cooking utensils, have fun with this phase of life too.

Hobbies and Entertainment

Why should only adults have all the fun? Even kids need some reason to be happy in the sulking air outside. Let's re-live those childhood memories with our family. Play indoor games like carom, pool, video games, paint or maybe watch some movie which lost their place due to work pressure and more work nights than date nights. Just enjoy that time you always wish you never had lost.


All the above things coming out of storage means making some space for it. Look into your closet. Think if you still need these things while working from home. If yes, keep only a limited number. But if not required, pack them all and send them to your storage unit. This will increase some space for the above things as well as for the new fashion you want to bring in.

Work from home or office, shopping can be done for both. Buy loungewear instead of formal, buy flats instead of heels, fresh vibrant bed sheets, and curtains instead of bags or watches.

If you are a fashionista, shopping is going to be your love. Just change the way you shop.

An even better option would be to revamp your style, combine two existing fabrics or outfits, and experiment.

We hope that our blog has given your enough options to enjoy this lockdown instead of sulking and wasting the moments. So take up new hobbies, alternative career options, if your required some areas of your house empty them into our self-storage. Get in touch today to find out more.

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13 Jul 2021

Spring Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Home

The spring season is a visual treat. Nature, the surrounding, the atmosphere, and everything around chooses to go for a brief makeover and new life. So why not go for a cleansing session and bring our rooms to life by setting the reset buttons.

Cleaning of the house is not new to all, especially spring cleaning. Let’s learn a new approach to this concept and making more interesting. Here are some interesting tips on spring cleaning.

Tip No #1

A bedroom is the place of body temple to rest

The place where the body temple rest and also gets in motion. We dream about the bedroom and also regain the energy to work towards them in the bedroom. Shouldn't it be the place in need of cleaning as well as a season makeover?

Springs bring in warm to our daily life. So pack all the heavy blankets or quilts and replacing with fresh sheets for a bright morning and a comfortable spring night’s sleep.

This season is not just about cleaning but all for pulling out all the beautiful colours of spring. i.e the lavender, mint, bright yellow as so many. Bring out the artist in you. Try some unique shade pallet combinations on some blocks and change the looks of your bedroom.

Other than these to-dos also make sure to check if any items are not required in the coming season. Put such things in the storage unit instead of using up your storage place.

Tip No #2

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is here. Best time to clear your entire wardrobe of heavy not to be used for seasons clothing. First, pack all your clothes which you don’t need and store them in your storage unit hired. 

Swap the shoes with sandals and heels, coats with dresses. 

Hiring a storage unit will help you save on some space in the house. Simply pack away clothes and accessories that you will not be wearing over the next few months and house them in a storage unit ready for next season. 

Implementing a rotating, seasonal approach to your wardrobe can save space and time. Storing clothes according to the season will come in handy when pulling them out for the next use as well.

Tip No #3

Spring Clean Your Living Room

Your couch is ready to be shown off, free of throws and cushions. Time to upgrade the living room for the guest visiting this season. Get your colourful pillows and curtains out. Play with themes, spring pallets, and start afresh. 

Pack all the rugs and mats in a box shift them to your storage unit ASAP. This will not only declutter your living space but also uplift the spirits.

As always we would advise you to check once if your living room is not a dumping place for many items which are not currently required and pack them transportation or simply get rid of them.

Top Tip #4:

Fresh fragrances Fresh Mood

Fragrances can change one's food as well as spoil it. Shop for floral air fresheners or essence sticks. They immediately change the aura of the room, creating a light and calm vibe. You get a variety of fragrances suiting your need. You can always try some different types to understand what you are looking for.

After following our tips on spring cleaning, we are sure you are all set to welcome the newness of this season. Enjoy it!

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9 Jul 2021

Affordable Storage Unit And Good Storage Unit - Can They Be The Same?

Can affordable storage and a good one be the same? The internet search for it gives you confusing answers. So we decided to help you to look for affordable as well good storage in one go. Affordable storage does not have to be compromising one too. Firstly, it is essential to do conduct rough research on what you want vs what you can afford vs what is available. 

Narrow down to some options and pay a visit to the storage units. 

1. Cleanliness

We at The Box believe that cleanliness should be the priority for choosing storage. Affordable doesn’t always equal clean. Make sure that at the time, you enquire about the cleanliness regime followed by the company and make sure you physically inspect a unit. Additionally, you may wish to ask about the regular maintenance that takes place on the general grounds of the facility. Regular maintenance makes sure that the unit is safe from insects, rats, and dampness due to water.

2. Security

May it be a storage unit, a godown, or your own house, one needs to make sure the security is satisfactory.

When you are looking for affordable it doesn’t mean compromising on your peace. If the facility you will potentially be using has good lighting, strong security doors with alarms on each unit, pin security access, CCTV, and strong, secure fences. Additional questions to consider, depending on your location, what fire and/or flood protection measures the facility has in place. 

3. Accessibility

The reason for hiring a storage facility may be anything, but the accessibility should be 24*7. Most facilities will offer 7-day access but may not be 24*7 access. But if you are looking for this feature the cheap storage may not be your choice. Facilities with 24hr access may have higher fees, so if you only need access during normal facility hours, then shop around for a facility where you don’t need to pay for additional access.

4. Location

Choosing a facility near your vicinity not only reduces your transportation cost but also allows you to access the facility at operational timing. So maybe 24*7 access be not required reducing your cost and rent. The cheapest self-storage may be an hour or more drive from your home or office, but if you need to access your belongings regularly, then the time and petrol you will spend going to your unit is not only going to make this an inconvenience but will add to the total actual cost of your storage. But if you are not going to access the unit regularly, choosing the facility in the outskirts may reduce the rent for you.

5. Easy Payment Options

If you are looking for an affordable storage facility, why not look for something in instalments. Whatever may be your reason you can always look for a facility offering EMI, part payment, or a discount on a bulk payment option. Though the facility doesn’t become cheap nut affordable for you.

6. Technical Support Knowledge and support

Finally, after all the research and deciding one important aspect is the service. May it be on location or a call, the facility you choose has a staff who will be able to support you in choosing the right sized locker/bay for your goods but will also be able to offer advice as you pack, transport, and store your goods.

For the above features and many more, visit us at our facilities section

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