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21 Jul 2021

Discover Forgotten Gems At Home In This Pandemic

Today's time is very uncertain. No one can predict what is coming next. But we only can adapt to it. The run of keeping up with the changes had utilized a lot of energy, time, and peace.

The 2021 COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of this with households around the world, stuck at home thanks to nationwide lockdowns.

But not all can be bad. Let's seek a positive side to stay at home? The most important point is the quality of time you get to spend with your family, the time you save on travel, the cab money you can use to persuasive some hobby, etc.

So we have created a list of things that you can pull out of the storage at home or in a unit and gear up during pandemic.


Desk jobs are known for increase increasing obesity, some inches, body pain, etc. When you are at home you either sit on a desk or maybe binge through series. It generally halts your activity to a certain level.

Let's use those extra minutes in home work-out with equipment storage in the units`, whether it be dumbells, a yoga mat, or even a treadmill. It's time to unbox all the fitness gear kept in your storage, under the bed, or even in the closet.

Working out not keeps your health game on point as well as it can be during a time when we but it also sharpens your mental health by keeping you motivated and flushing out negative toxins and releasing serotonin.

Life Journal

The greatest fact of a pandemic is not being able to meet family or friends in vulnerable and isolated situations. However, we should be thankful enough that, we have electronics that connect with you loved once virtually. 

These are the situation where you sit and think about family, moments, friends, etc. What can be done in such moments? Pour your heart out. You cant talk to anyone, create your very own family with help of a life journal or scrapbook. Thanks to sites like Pinterest or Etsy, scrapbooking as a hobby has come back to life in recent years. With help of this site be creative, expressive, descriptive, etc. All of this will bring in the bright side of your inner self and help you to heal from time. To time.


Pandemic has affected many all around the world. It has not spared even the upper class. Some lost their jobs, some loved ones, some comfort, and some mental health too. Many have taken up cooking post-pandemic. Cooking has proved to be a hobby, mediation, or maybe a need for some. 

So open those cartons with kitchen written on it. Take your baking, steaming, grilling, and cooking utensils, have fun with this phase of life too.

Hobbies and Entertainment

Why should only adults have all the fun? Even kids need some reason to be happy in the sulking air outside. Let's re-live those childhood memories with our family. Play indoor games like carom, pool, video games, paint or maybe watch some movie which lost their place due to work pressure and more work nights than date nights. Just enjoy that time you always wish you never had lost.


All the above things coming out of storage means making some space for it. Look into your closet. Think if you still need these things while working from home. If yes, keep only a limited number. But if not required, pack them all and send them to your storage unit. This will increase some space for the above things as well as for the new fashion you want to bring in.

Work from home or office, shopping can be done for both. Buy loungewear instead of formal, buy flats instead of heels, fresh vibrant bed sheets, and curtains instead of bags or watches.

If you are a fashionista, shopping is going to be your love. Just change the way you shop.

An even better option would be to revamp your style, combine two existing fabrics or outfits, and experiment.

We hope that our blog has given your enough options to enjoy this lockdown instead of sulking and wasting the moments. So take up new hobbies, alternative career options, if your required some areas of your house empty them into our self-storage. Get in touch today to find out more.

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