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13 Jul 2021

Spring Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Home

The spring season is a visual treat. Nature, the surrounding, the atmosphere, and everything around chooses to go for a brief makeover and new life. So why not go for a cleansing session and bring our rooms to life by setting the reset buttons.

Cleaning of the house is not new to all, especially spring cleaning. Let’s learn a new approach to this concept and making more interesting. Here are some interesting tips on spring cleaning.

Tip No #1

A bedroom is the place of body temple to rest

The place where the body temple rest and also gets in motion. We dream about the bedroom and also regain the energy to work towards them in the bedroom. Shouldn't it be the place in need of cleaning as well as a season makeover?

Springs bring in warm to our daily life. So pack all the heavy blankets or quilts and replacing with fresh sheets for a bright morning and a comfortable spring night’s sleep.

This season is not just about cleaning but all for pulling out all the beautiful colours of spring. i.e the lavender, mint, bright yellow as so many. Bring out the artist in you. Try some unique shade pallet combinations on some blocks and change the looks of your bedroom.

Other than these to-dos also make sure to check if any items are not required in the coming season. Put such things in the storage unit instead of using up your storage place.

Tip No #2

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is here. Best time to clear your entire wardrobe of heavy not to be used for seasons clothing. First, pack all your clothes which you don’t need and store them in your storage unit hired. 

Swap the shoes with sandals and heels, coats with dresses. 

Hiring a storage unit will help you save on some space in the house. Simply pack away clothes and accessories that you will not be wearing over the next few months and house them in a storage unit ready for next season. 

Implementing a rotating, seasonal approach to your wardrobe can save space and time. Storing clothes according to the season will come in handy when pulling them out for the next use as well.

Tip No #3

Spring Clean Your Living Room

Your couch is ready to be shown off, free of throws and cushions. Time to upgrade the living room for the guest visiting this season. Get your colourful pillows and curtains out. Play with themes, spring pallets, and start afresh. 

Pack all the rugs and mats in a box shift them to your storage unit ASAP. This will not only declutter your living space but also uplift the spirits.

As always we would advise you to check once if your living room is not a dumping place for many items which are not currently required and pack them transportation or simply get rid of them.

Top Tip #4:

Fresh fragrances Fresh Mood

Fragrances can change one's food as well as spoil it. Shop for floral air fresheners or essence sticks. They immediately change the aura of the room, creating a light and calm vibe. You get a variety of fragrances suiting your need. You can always try some different types to understand what you are looking for.

After following our tips on spring cleaning, we are sure you are all set to welcome the newness of this season. Enjoy it!

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