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25 Jul 2021

Smart Interior – A new way of remodelling wardrobe

What is Remodelling? 

Remodelling is the process of changing the functionality and the design of an area. It may involve tearing out a wall to expand a bathroom and reconfiguring a kitchen layout so the cabinets, fridge, sink, and range are in different locations. Constructing an addition to your home would also be considered a remodel.

Year after year, we find ourselves with more things than the year before. For most people, there’s hardly enough space in their homes as it is! And now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to improve their lives and look after what they have.

Move or make do?

Before the pandemic, people were more likely to simply move house for a change or a bigger place. But in these tense times, renovating, restructuring or refurbishing your home may represent a better choice since it saves you the hassle of moving during a pandemic and is much more cost-effective. It will not only reduce the stress but also reduce the increasing financial burden by cutting on charges stamp duty, transportation etc. With money a lot tighter than usual, many are choosing to renovate.

The smart interior will help you store more and reduce financial stress.  Let’s see the options for such smart interior and spacing hacks.

Add drawers and shelving

Old furniture had large shelves and drawers. Add some drawers and shelving. It’s an amazing way to use the space efficiently as you can place clothes or baby diapers or maybe some jewellery too inside while utilising the top, often unused area, for other things you don’t need to access as often (such as seasonal items or sports equipment).

Create separate zones

You may be having many garments which you want to throw away or store in your storage unit. This will help you with your spacing activity and give you more scope to renovate and innovate. This will allow you to have one rail at the top for shirts and sweaters, and one below for skirts or trousers. This will double the amount of hanging space on this side easily since very few people have a wardrobe full of full-length ball gowns! 

Multi-tier shoe rack

Family mean people of all age. Every family has a shoe lover while a member having two pairs all their life. A family needs space for everyone. The best way to use a space for shoes is to add a multi-tiered shoe rack which will keep your footwear neat and looked after, as well as storing them economically. This will not only tuck in some laying around clutter but ad some shape to it.

We can help 

There are multiple ways to refurbish your wardrobe. But if still need a secure and clean place to store your belonging. If you still need any more space, get a free quote or visit our website for more information.

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