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28 Nov 2020

How self storage can come in handy for storing healthcare files?


Healthcare files are critical documents for both doctors and patients alike as they contain sensitive, confidential information. Hence, it’s important to store the records securely. What better than a self-storage unit that is equipped with impeccable advanced technology like temperature control and 24/7 surveillance? Not enough of a reason for you to consider self-storage for healthcare files? We’ve got some more. Let’s delve.

Enhances your ability to organise

Whether you’re storing backup records or storing healthcare files of patients undergoing treatment, self-storage greatly enhances your ability to store them properly as well as maintain a comfortable walking space to access the files without delay - all at once. The open shelving system in the self-storage offers modular storage options so that you can arrange the healthcare files in an optimal and secure setting.

Promotes efficiency and expediency

Storing healthcare files at multiple places can be time-consuming and confusing as doing so means you will have to go from one point to another to retrieve valuable information. It also means that you will have to remember or keep track as to which healthcare files are where. With that in mind, self storage is greatly beneficial as it eliminates geographical issues by storing all healthcare documents at a central destination. This is how self storage units enable hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare departments to save significant time as they can efficiently retrieve healthcare records as per their needs. You would be assured of the security of your healthcare records as they sit safely in temperature-controlled units, and that, while being cost-effective.

Pro tip – Having said all of the above, you should never leave healthcare documents that contain private information in a way that would be easily accessible to anyone – even if it’s the best storage facility in the world! You don’t want anybody reading up and nosing around your patients' sensitive information.

Safeguards against all odds

Self-storage facilities come with a host of security features in an attempt to provide holistic storage solutions. However, if you’re still worried about certain events like floods, you can store the healthcare files in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes. But don’t forget to check and tighten up the lid of the container so water doesn’t seep down to the healthcare files.

For this same reason, you might consider transporting and storing your documents in metal filing cabinets. This will better protect them from outside elements, as well as keep off the ground.


Self storage is a smart, cost-effective, and advanced storage solution for storing healthcare files.

Irrespective of what type of container you choose for storing your healthcare and medical records, it is essential to keep the information arranges in an organised manner. In this regard, labelling each or cabinet drawers helps. This will also align with your convenience letter any of your patient’s healthcare files need to be retrieved due to an unprecedented event, like a sudden glitch in the clinic’s healthcare recording system, or upcoming appointment, or for that matter an emergency visit. It will also help when it is time to move the healthcare files back to their source.

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24 Nov 2020

Making renovation a hassle-free process with self-storage -Tips and tricks


Home renovation is a great way to recreate your house in a way that it reflects your style and preferences. But, when you run into stumbling blocks in the form of large furniture or containers or toys, it will burst into your happiness balloon. So, you might want to consider a storage unit for home renovation (to avoid unnecessary renovation stress) for the following reasons. Let’s delve.

Get ample space to move things around

Whether it’s just a flick of paintwork or rearranging your furniture, chances are that you will need to shift things around. Which means you need significant space to go about your renovation process. It’s better than having to move clutter and clunky and bulky items from one room to another. Simply rent a self-storage unit; it will let you use the entire house without interruptions which would otherwise hinder the renovation process.

Gives you a place (and time) to think about what to do with things you’re not sure about

During the renovation, you may come across many things which you would not like to part with. When you’re in that state – I don’t need it now but I may need it later – self storage can save the day for you. If you think you will need a particular thing in the future, but don’t have enough space in your house, simply place it in a storage unit for home renovation. It will give you more time to think and some much-needed space in your apartment.

Insures your possessions against contingencies

Self storage during renovation prevents things from getting spoilt or damaged. Imagine that paint drops splattering over your expensive furniture! The renovation process will suffer if your furniture gets dirty or damaged. This is why storing your valuable things in a storage unit for the home renovation will help preserve their condition against bad climate, dirt, water physical damage, and so on.

To further make renovation a smooth process, here are some useful tips-

You taking the help of a self-storage facility for renovation is temporary and simple. But, you will still need to move and store valuable items during the process. Therefore, it is important you pack the items to avoid damage.

Kitchen accessories like glassware should be covered in bubble wrap and stored in suitable containers.

Add extra padding to ensure movement inside the box or container is minimal.

Make sure appliances are properly defrosted and cleaned and their cords are appropriately coiled as well as tied for safety.

Use climate-controlled self-storage units for expensive items

Cover the mattresses properly for complete protection during storage.

Dismantling of beds followed by padding with cardboard or bubble wrap is necessary to avoid damage.

When working with mirrors and other kinds of wall hangings during renovation make sure they’re covered with cardboard or thermacol and each of the items is stored upright.

Last but not least - bed linens, window curtains, rugs, clothes, and other such materials should be kept in plastic containers to prevent damage, also don’t forget to label them carefully.

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19 Nov 2020

How to make optimal use of your self-storage space (with pro tips!)


Using a self storage space takes nothing more than common sense. But since most people consider self storage in times of desperation, common sense tends to fall through the cracks. Therefore, we’ve curated a list of common-sense tips and tricks which will help you to use self storage efficiently. Let’s delve.

Store items as per your needs

This means that place things in alignment with your needs. Priority items (or things you are going to need more often than not) should be at the front of the storage unit, always. How often do you intend to access your items? This will enable you to pack your self storage unit efficiently.

Use boxes

Wherever and whenever possible, use boxes to pack your items. It’s because boxes are easy to stack and move around. Don’t forget to seal them to keep dust and dirt at bay.

Use labels

This is an important aspect if you want to use self storage optimally. The labels stuck to the sides of the boxes help you to easily make out what's inside the box without wasting time and having to pull your hair over it. One little sticker saves you from all the bicker over which item is in which box!

Pro tip – Mark boxes which hold delicate things as FRAGILE-HANDLE WITH CARE

How to fill boxes

You should always fill the boxes to their brim, meaning to their full capacity to prevent items from moving around. However, don’t overdo it as it may make the boxes too heavy to lift and in the process, the boxes may even break apart from below under the pressure of the weight.

Time for some more pro tips to make the most of your self-storage space – 

a) Always keep the boxes full of things as they will be sturdier and easier to stack in the self-storage unit. 

b) Make sure the heaviest ones lie at the bottom of the pile.

c) Use self-storage shelves in the unit for those items which you are going to regularly access while in storage. On the shelves, the items will be easily visible.

d) To make optimal use of your self storage unit, dismantle your furniture and fill those that are hollow, like cupboards, refrigerators, and washing machines, with boxes (not large ones, small ones) and other little items.

e) Secure the door of your kitchen appliances so they cannot shut. This keeps mildew and odour from building up.

f) Many people store bolts and nuts dismantled from items in a separate box which not only takes up additional space but also results in confusion later as to which goes where. Rather, simply store all the screws in a zip-lock bag and attach (tape) it to the item it belongs to. This way it will neither take up extra space nor will it get hammered or screwed into the wrong items!

g) Last but not least, if it’s getting overwhelming, get professional help to pack and stack your self storage space. These experienced professionals will ensure all your items remain unharmed, undamaged from the moment it gets into their truck till it lands into your self-storage space. Besides, they will ensure you use every square inch in your self storage unit.

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13 Nov 2020

Bed storage tips to maximize space in your bedroom

Little space doesn’t always mean you need to look for a bigger apartment. In fact, just changing a few things here and there will open up the much-needed space. Here are a few proven bed storage tips to make room for things you want.

1. Raise the bed

Why you may ask? To use the humongous space beneath for storage! This is especially for those who have king-sized beds that are only used for a few hours of sleeping and the rest of the day it’s just lying there. Might as well use the space beneath it. Just raise the bed and add a desk or some cabinets below and voilĂ ! You have a great bed that doubles up (rather allows for) a great alternative especially if you’re a parent struggling with opening up more storage space for your children.

Pro tip-

Let your children be a key part of bed storage planning. This cancels out the likelihood that kids might not like the space or they may not know how to use it.

2. Sealed vacuum sacks

If it’s the case that your bed or sleeping couch sits low then go for vacuum-sealed sacks. They’re quite handy especially for seasonal things that are not supposed to be frequently unsealed.

3. Shelves may save the day

Adding shelves to your bed helps to enhance storage space in your bedroom. You can easily load these shelves with your favourite books, photographs, and other collections which can make your bedtime fun time. It makes for a great display and aesthetic sense too!

4. A storage bench is your best bet

Ever thought about how to put the space near the foot of your bed to good use? You might want to consider this great bed storage tip we have. Place a storage bench near the foot of your bed. This will keep your bedroom clutter-free as the grin on your face becomes longer wider.

5. Under-Bed storage

Many a time most people forget about it or are not aware of this. Why not make use of the invaluable storage space below? In smaller apartments with less storage space, using the area below the bed is a great option.

Besides, under-bed storage spaces keep items secure and contained. They even keep the clutter out of sight for a good night’s sleep. It’s also a way to keep not-so-frequently used items out of your prime storage area. 

Pro tip – 

If you find the plain, banal storage boxes boring, you can opt for attractive containers that represent your style. However, we always recommend to buy or create or simply repurpose storage items which fit perfectly underneath your bed. It’s better than placing containers or boxes below. For more ease, choose under-the-bed containers with wheels. It's a great option especially if you’re going to need particular items regularly.

6. Box on wheels

The specially designed multipurpose under-bed wheeled boxes are a great option to keep things rolling in and out of your bedroom when not in use. They come in generous sizes that prove to be handy especially for a collection of books, out-of-season clothing, or even bulky mattresses, linens, and toys. Besides, it has a lid which also keeps the things inside away from dust and pests.

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