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28 Nov 2020

How self storage can come in handy for storing healthcare files?


Healthcare files are critical documents for both doctors and patients alike as they contain sensitive, confidential information. Hence, it’s important to store the records securely. What better than a self-storage unit that is equipped with impeccable advanced technology like temperature control and 24/7 surveillance? Not enough of a reason for you to consider self-storage for healthcare files? We’ve got some more. Let’s delve.

Enhances your ability to organise

Whether you’re storing backup records or storing healthcare files of patients undergoing treatment, self-storage greatly enhances your ability to store them properly as well as maintain a comfortable walking space to access the files without delay - all at once. The open shelving system in the self-storage offers modular storage options so that you can arrange the healthcare files in an optimal and secure setting.

Promotes efficiency and expediency

Storing healthcare files at multiple places can be time-consuming and confusing as doing so means you will have to go from one point to another to retrieve valuable information. It also means that you will have to remember or keep track as to which healthcare files are where. With that in mind, self storage is greatly beneficial as it eliminates geographical issues by storing all healthcare documents at a central destination. This is how self storage units enable hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare departments to save significant time as they can efficiently retrieve healthcare records as per their needs. You would be assured of the security of your healthcare records as they sit safely in temperature-controlled units, and that, while being cost-effective.

Pro tip – Having said all of the above, you should never leave healthcare documents that contain private information in a way that would be easily accessible to anyone – even if it’s the best storage facility in the world! You don’t want anybody reading up and nosing around your patients' sensitive information.

Safeguards against all odds

Self-storage facilities come with a host of security features in an attempt to provide holistic storage solutions. However, if you’re still worried about certain events like floods, you can store the healthcare files in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes. But don’t forget to check and tighten up the lid of the container so water doesn’t seep down to the healthcare files.

For this same reason, you might consider transporting and storing your documents in metal filing cabinets. This will better protect them from outside elements, as well as keep off the ground.


Self storage is a smart, cost-effective, and advanced storage solution for storing healthcare files.

Irrespective of what type of container you choose for storing your healthcare and medical records, it is essential to keep the information arranges in an organised manner. In this regard, labelling each or cabinet drawers helps. This will also align with your convenience letter any of your patient’s healthcare files need to be retrieved due to an unprecedented event, like a sudden glitch in the clinic’s healthcare recording system, or upcoming appointment, or for that matter an emergency visit. It will also help when it is time to move the healthcare files back to their source.

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