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14 Aug 2021

Ways To Become Environmentally Conscious

Due to an increase in population, the consumption of natural resources has gone haywire. These resources are exhaustible. Hence, exploiting them would be harmful not only to the environment but also to our future generations! As a society, we should become more conscious of our environment, its resources and must always strive to preserve them. 

Below are the ways that can be adapted, to become more mindful of our environment.

1. Educating About The Importance Of Our Environment.

When we read more about our environment, its features, its functions, we realize how the importance of it. Once you learn more about the food chain, the food web, one realizes how every animal depends on another for its survival.

2. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint.

One can calculate their carbon footprint online. There are various apps to calculate the carbon footprint. Reduced or improve habits can improve your carbon footprint on the environment.

3. Conserving. 

Water and energy conversations are one of the main steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Avoid overuse of natural resources like coal, fossil fuels. Close the water tap properly. If you have leaking pipes, repair them. Switch off electric appliances, lights when not in use. 

4. Planting Trees.

Trees absorb the Carbon Di Oxide and give out Oxygen, helping to control climate change. This will, in turn, reduce Global Warming. Hence plant more trees to protect our environment. 

5. Composting.

Compost made at home using the kitchen’s wet waste can be a good nutrient supply for the plants. This will reduce the amount of garbage that will go the landfills, lowering air pollution. 

6. Avoid Littering. 

Do not throw away your garbage on the streets. Once it starts to pile up, the air will start getting polluted, increasing diseases around it. People should be educated on throwing their trash in a dustbin. 

7. Recycling 

Recycling the waste can help lower the garbage volume. Buy products made from recycled items. You can even find different ways to recycle plastic items on the internet. But, the only thing that cannot be recycled is a hazardous material. 

8. Avoid Use of Plastic

Try to minimize the use of plastics. Carry cloth bags rather than polythene bags. Carry reusable cups to avoid plastic ones. 

9. Make Maximum Use of Carpooling

If you live close to your colleagues, try to sharing lifts or take turns in driving. It will help in saving fuel and also reduce air pollution.

10. Solar Energy

Solar Power is clean energy and can be used for diverse appliances. Appliances that use this energy have a low maintenance cost plus the electricity cost gradually goes down.

11. Energy Saving Appliances.

Old appliances eat up more electricity. Energy-saving appliances, LED bulbs helps in consuming less power. 

The BOX, an Eco-Friendly Storage Company: 

The Box has taken a few initiatives to protect the environment since 2019. We love to make a positive impact together with its community and plants a tree for every new customer. Since then we have planted 2916 trees. Customers get a certificate each time a tree is planted on their behalf. This certificate contains information such as the species of the tree, the amount of CO2 it would offset and the project it supports. The physical location of the tree is also available on the certificate.

Discover our forest here: The Box Forest

All our boxes contain a message encouraging end-users to reuse boxes as much as possible. All boxes used for our moves and for storage are reused until they no longer can be and thereafter collected and given for recycling on a monthly basis

We have also been an active member of the UN Global Compact since September 2016 and has aligned its value system with the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact. 

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