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6 Oct 2021

How Fewer Wants Lead To A Happy Life!

Human Wants are never-ending! The hunger for more and more keeps on increasing. Be it shoes, clothes, property or money! Companies selling their products know this well and wove in their strategies accordingly. Catchy headlines, discounts, Buy One Get One Free Offers often tempt humans to buy more.

But, humans forget these wants are unlimited, and they need to have control over their greed. At times, fulfilling these needs is very difficult. With fewer resources at hand, a human can never be satisfied with what he or she has. This vicious cycle of wants is constant. 

To overcome this, they should learn to be content with what they have. This is possible by differentiating the Wants and Needs. One should know when to give away their hunger for more to lead a peaceful, happy life.

Why Fewer Means More can be explained through many examples.

➢ Fewer Items = More Room

The lesser items are there in your house, the more extra space you get. With limited items, your dwelling becomes more spacious, and it gets convenient for you to move around. Chuck out the old and unused items. Avoid buying the stuff that you already have and are in good condition.

➢ Less Purchase More Saving

Refrain from purchasing unwanted items. If you do not need it urgently and are just purchasing it because it is getting sold at a discounted price or someone else is buying it, it is better not to buy it and stock it. Avoiding unnecessary purchases can help you save more money for the future.

➢ Lesser Distractions = More Focus.

Having a sharp focus on your goal is of utmost importance. But, usually, one gets distracted due to various reasons, be it constant ringing of the phone or loud sound around you. To overcome these distractions, try working in a chaos free environment. Use headphones to cut off the loud noise. 

➢ Lesser Resources = Better Productivity

Having fewer resources makes you more productive. How? With fewer means, you understand the value of each one of them. Unnecessary wastage should be avoided. Make sure every resource is put to proper use. Hence, better results can be yielded, in turn, improving productivity. 

➢ Lesser Food = Better Health

For a healthy life, one should eat right. Intaking the proper quantity of food helps you reduce your weight, inflammation, high sugar level and other diseases. Thus, limited and nutritious food helps to boost your sustainability and help you live a long, healthy life. 

➢ Less Stress = Happy Life

Needlessly thinking about negative aspects of life increases your stress level, in turn rising various health problems. Stressing about your work and personal life may bring chaos to your mind. To overcome this, surround yourself with positive thinkers. Spend time on your hobbies, listen to songs, go out for a drive or watch a good movie! All this will help you calm down your mind. 

During this Covid pandemic time, we have faced many adversities, be it lack of resources, less income or health-related stress. But, this has also helped us sustain ourselves in this intense time by teaching us to value and save our resources, lead a happy life and overcome stressful situations.

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