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8 Aug 2012

5 Moving Blunders and the Role of Packing Companies

With credit drying up and the realty costs spiralling out of control, people are switching to rental solutions in increased numbers. A great majority of them are regulars and a few of them even turn out to be veterans of the rental scene. It is therefore baffling to see a lot many people being guilty of a few avoidable blunders that they commit during moving. Some of the common moving blunders are:

Informing the authorities: When one moves from a location to another, they must also get the mailing address updated to the new one. From utilities providers to banks and other solutions providers, the change in address has to be conveyed to all. Failure to do so can result in untold hardship that is both, unnecessary and avoidable.

Packing Materials: There are lots of sources through whom one can get their hands on major packing materials like boxes and stuff. Recyclers, community forums, neighbourhood retailers, etc. are some of them more common sources. Some of the better known moving companies also offer their own packing kits. These can be single use or they can be returned post move.

Inefficient Packing: When packing stuff into boxes, it is always handy to remember the inverse relation between weight of articles and the size of the boxes being used. Thus, the heavier the items, smaller are the boxes in which they must be packed. On the other hand, the lighter items can be packed into larger boxes.

Improper Packing: It is pointless to pack your belongings those tall boxes that you got for cheap, only to realize later that the door openings in the new home do not accommodate them. Similarly, many people pack as they choose, without any clear thought as to how they are going to unpack later. They forget to use clear, legible labels that list out the items in the box. Such people can later be seen running around all stressed over something that they could have easily avoided in the first place.

Overconfidence: Gone are the days when one could simply throw their belongings into the back of their truck and move home to the new location. Some still decide to persist with their DIY spirit, only to realize later that the task is well out of their hands. It is then that they grudgingly accept that they should have hired the services of a dedicated packing company that is qualified for the job.

With increasing lifestyle advancements, moving companies that specialize in just this task have mushroomed all over the place. But before you sign over the contract to the friendly neighbourhood service provider, do remember to verify their antecedents rather carefully. Ask for references and only sign on the dotted line when fully satisfied with the terms and conditions in the contract.

In the end, choosing wisely is the key to a happy moving experience.

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