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7 Jun 2012

The Sensible approach to getting the Best out of Storage Facilities

Storage facilities have long been reporting an upward trend in the renting of units. Demand has been high in the recent past as people begin to warm up to the idea of availing the services of a professionally run storing services operator.  But while demand has been high, many managers of the said storage operations have been observing that the percentage of renters who are getting their space plan right has been abysmal.

Renters need to understand that their pattern of usage needs to be calculated prior to moving their belongings. There have been a few cases where renters have booked a modest sized unit, only to bring in a truck load of stuff. Needless to say, they had to spot rent a bigger unit, which the facility was kind enough to offer. But it is certain that, had they determined their space needs much in advance, it’d have not only saved them the inconvenience but they could have also bargained for a better deal.

While such extreme cases may be thought to be quite infrequent, one would be surprised to see how many of them get it wrong. To help minimize the chances of such a situation from occurring, we’ve put together this handy maxi-storage guide storage for all you fine folks out there:

One of the first steps to maximizing the storage capacity of any area is know what to store and what to leave out. So its time to start segregating the must keeps from the must leaves. It is a given that there are going to be more than just these two bundles but we decided to leave them to individual preferences. Even when deciding upon which particular category a piece must be placed into, one can go visual and group by similarities or it could be by the intended usage. This means that all sports equipment could go into the same pile or the entire cutlery from the kitchen in two boxes, the crockery in the next two and so on.

Some people consider those dull brown storage boxes to be quite an ungainly sight and we agree to an extent. So, while we could offer you a handful of ways to jazz them up, we’d rather have you looking at the options around you. And they aren’t that far away either. Large pieces of furniture are ideal for hiding away stuff, in addition to keeping them well sheltered from exposure. Beds with in-built storage, cup-boards, dressing tables that come incorporated with a bunch of drawers are all perfect examples of furniture being put to alternate uses.

When one rents a storage unit, many often continue thinking in the two obvious dimensions. Such people often need a gentle nudge upwards to be reminded of the third dimension in the storage calculation. Stacking those boxes on top of each other is a great way to liberate greater floor space without hampering anything. The best part is that there’s no extra rent to pay either!

Getting a draft access plan in place goes a long way in accessing goods even during their storage tenure. Else it’d be like that one guy who packed his unit to the gills, leaving no space for access ways and without a clue of which article had been stored where. Last we heard, the poor bloke had given up after making multiple failed attempts at trying to access that specific storage box which was required. Needless to say, it wasn’t a great sight.

It could be a home or office relocation; or it could even be a simple case of an extended storage space for personal use. Whatever be the reason, renting a storage unit is not that much of a rocket science. All it requires is a level mind and some basic application of the grey matter that resides in everyone’s head. That’s it!

Happy storing folks!

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