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6 Nov 2012

How Do I Maximize My Storage Space?

The real estate prices have been on the rise and the space available at home is becoming smaller. People, with time have started to invest in storage units, which were once solely used for commercial purposes. Household storages provide you with storage boxes, shelves, packing materials etc. You can avail their facilities for a number of reasons depending upon your needs and requirements. You could be moving out from the city and would want to store your belongings for a temporary period, or your belongings are sensitive to humidity and you’d want to keep them safe and secure in a climate- controlled unit, etc. Below is a list that will help you understand how to make the best use of storage space:-

You could start with placing the largest or heaviest box at the bottom and then accordingly go up by placing the lightest box on the top. However, make sure the boxes that will be needed more often are kept separately for easy access. It is also ideal to allow a few inches of space between the walls of the unit and your storage boxes. This in return helps in good ventilation, thus protecting the items from moisture and clamminess.

If you are renovating and want to store, you would obviously want your precious items like furniture, equipment and tools to be in perfect condition. So, before you transfer your furniture dismantle it. This will help to optimize the space available. You may even want to store the nuts, screws and bolts in a bag to keep them aside to fix them up later.

When storing your vehicle or tools ensure it has been oiled properly; it will prevent it from rusting. On the contrary, do not leave any gasoline in the automobiles.

In any case, store only those things that are functional and handy for you. You don’t want to end up accumulating stuff that is as good as junk and pay for it too, do you? Hence, it is advisable to accommodate stuff that is valuable; or maybe huge and bulky and is occupying a lot of space. The additional stuff can always be sold or donated!

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