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11 Jul 2012

Three fantastic ways to lessen the burden on your Packing and Movingcompany

A steady rise in the number of people hiring the services of a packing and moving company for their moving requirements has been observed. Convenience, possession of technical know-how, the right equipment and well trained personnel to tackle the range of tasks at hand, are just some of the reasons cited by people. But, no matter how efficient the packing and moving company may be, they’d still appreciate it if you could reduce the load on them.

Early mover advantage: Simply put, the lesser the number of belongings that need to be shifted, the lesser are the hassles that one associates with the same. This is why; the early packers are the one’s who are most relaxed as moving day comes close. This way, one can sort all their belongings into two broad categories viz. Stuff to move and stuff to leave behind. The former can then be boxed and prepared according to requirements. Cartons, bubble wrap and wrapping paper are the three vital foot-soldiers in packing. Furniture can be dismantled and flat-packed, electric & electronic equipment can be placed in inert packaging as required and so on.

Taking care of the Formalities: Moving home is a daunting task. It manages to shake up even the most seasoned of home skippers and can catch out those that risk taking it for granted. The utilities providers in the old home have to be informed to stop the services. While those that provide services in the new home need to be intimated about the impending arrival. Change of address forms have to be filled up in-order to have all correspondence to be redirected to the new residence.

The Disposal: It often happens in the run-up to a move that one realizes they have stockpiled way too many things than what they could ever need. While some prefer using storage facilities to store their important but infrequently used belongings, the rest of the stuff really does need to go. It can be donated to charity, sent off to the friendly neighbourhood or can even generate some money through a garage sale. The last method is indeed quite popular among those who seek to fund their moving expenses out of their surplus belongings.

Each of the three ways discussed above does have the potential to lessen the burden on the packing and moving company. In the end, it pays to remember that a happy mover improves the chances of a successful and hassle free move.

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