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24 Nov 2021

Different Ways For Conversing Your Priceless Coin Collection

Only the coin collectors know how invaluable their collection is to them. Be it from a money perspective or an emotional perspective. Every coin has a different story to tell.   

Coin Collection is accumulating coins minted for some time or with some error or has some historic significance. There can be many reasons behind collecting these coins. One can accumulate these coins as a hobby or they can be inherited from family members or purchased through an auction. Their value is determined based on their history, why they were minted, who minted them, and why their manufacturing and circulation stopped.  

The coins can be made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, brass, zinc, iron, steel, aluminium, tin or a combination of two or more metals. Protection of these collections is vital as their value depends on their intactness.  

Many causes are responsible for the deterioration of these precious coins as they are made of reactive metals. They can turn green or get faded because of many reasons.  

1. Lack Of Storage. 

When the coins are not stored in the right container, there are chances of them getting spoilt. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can have an impact on the coins. Types of containers and materials can also affect the coins. 

2. Moisture 

Metals react to moisture quickly. That is why it is one of the main reasons for the damage to the coin collection. The more humidity is present in the air, the more coins can get damaged. The moisture present in the environment can make the coin change colour and deteriorate it more. Even the folders or containers that claim to be 100% protection from moisture cannot stop moisture from entering. 

3. High Temperature 

High Temperature has an indirect impact on the coins by affecting the humidity, pollution levels and chemicals and acids in the environment. Hence they need to be stored in a low-temperature room where such elements won’t impact them.  

4. Inappropriate Handling 

Constant touching of the coins leaves skin oils on them. Such oils ruin the coin. Avoid touching them constantly and directly. One can pick them up with a cloth. 

5. Exposure To Chemicals and Acids. 

Chemicals like chlorine and acids corrode the coins. Be careful of the containers you used to store the coins. Wooden and metal containers can have a bad reaction on the coins. 

➢ Steps To Conserve The Coins: 

1. Right Storage Supplies 

Storage supplies made of metal or wood can react with the coins and spoil them. Select the right storage supply made of good quality. There are many options available - Coin Albums, Cardboard Folders, Coin Holders, Coin Tubes, Coin Slabs, Envelopes, etc. 

2. Right Storage Unit. 

Choose the storage unit that has the best security features and facilities. Well ventilated units,  temperature-controlled systems, and 24/7 security are the facilities that must be available in the chosen storage unit. 

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