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27 Dec 2020

Planning to move? A checklist to not miss packing any items when moving!


If you are a human with superpowers then you probably are blessed with faultless memory and amazing organisation skills. If, on the other hand, you are like the rest of us, then you may have your moments of erring because of being a tad neglectful – especially when you are overwhelmed with a life event as tedious and laborious as moving. We have all been in that embarrassing situation where while unpacking items in your new space you realise you have left something important to pack when moving. No more facepalm-realizations now as we have curated a list of exact things to keep in mind to pack when moving. Let’s delve.

Important documents

This is one of the most crucial items which most movers tend to forget to pack when moving. So bear in mind to check whether you are carrying all your important personal records like marriage certificate, education certificates, and degrees, passports, work-related documents such as experience certificates, driving license, Aadhaar Card (if you’re in India), and so on.

Pro tip –

Get this sorted out first. Tuck all your important documents neatly in a separate file or files. And label them like – “Financial Documents”. “Educational certificates”. “Home documents”. In this way, you will easily be able to fetch the relevant document and won’t forget to pack when moving.

Household tools

We are talking about pliers, pincers, tongs, hammersscrewdrivers, tapes, torch lights, and so on. You may find this rather trivial but you will know its significance when you don’t find the tools you need (as you left them in your old home) to assemble your new furniture which you had recently ordered.

Pro tip-

Lock them tools up in a toolbox. Do not forget to pack the screws, nails, anchors as well as other little trinkets which are easy to forget to pack when moving.


Medicine pills, tablets, or syrups are other easily and usually forgotten items to pack when moving to a new place. People often forget to take them out from medicine closets or drawers especially when there is little time before leaving the old place for good.

Pro tip –

Allocate one essentials container for medicines and put all your medicines inside it well in advance. So that all you have to do is take one single box and pack it up!

Clothes at the laundry

Clothes left for dry cleaning or at the laundry are also one of the common things most people forget to pack when moving. So, don’t forget to pick your clothes up from the laundry or dry cleaner.

Phone and address logs

Phonebooks and address logs are important records of important people. But they are also among typically forgotten things. Make sure you carry them with you as you don’t want to leave behind your important contacts.

Household plants

Another common thing that is easily forgotten. Don’t forget to transport your household nursery to your new place as they might not be properly looked after in your absence!


Planning to move? Bear in mind to pack your important devices before getting started. Items like laptop charges and additional mobile phones or headphones can be left unattended and therefore forgotten to pack when moving. 


You may easily overlook these. But you mustn’t leave behind the hooks you have been using to hang your towels or purses. You will need them in your new place. So, don’t forget to peek behind the doors for any hook. 

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