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8 Dec 2020

Document Storage System – The Need Of The Hour

Document storage systems are designed to make the work of document management easier, faster, and more efficient. Here are some strong reasons why you need a document storage system and how it can help your business a great deal. Let’s delve.

Sorts out the problem of sorting

An efficient document storage system eliminates the need to sift and sort through piles of paper.

It comes with an indexing system that enables your business employees to look for documents based on different criteria, descriptions, and keywords. This makes for easy and swift document retrieval.

Compiles information in a jiffy

A good document storage facility takes off the burden from your and your team’s shoulders of analysing complex reports and arriving at accurate numbers. The document storage will do it for you by running custom reports faster than the speed of thought. This means on your company’s behalf it will pull out information in a jiffy which would otherwise take hours to compile.

This frees up significant employee time. It also favours customisation as per your business needs.  So you can use your document storage plan to run account reports, inventory records, and so on.

Keeps your confidential information secure

Organisations, small or large, want their sensitive documents to be flanked by utmost security. A good document storage system protects your sensitive information from trespassers by giving you control at the folder -and further – at the document level. Besides, document storage and management systems give you access to the audit trail which makes it clear who all have viewed and modified a particular document. You can also set up automated alerts and make your documents highly traceable.

Time saver

Document storage and management system is a powerful tool that saves time. And in business, time saved is money earned.

Depending on the settings that you implement, the document storage system will retrieve records by a word, or a phrase, or even a sentence within a document.

Document storage can also be easily integrated with your business applications. This boosts your business’s ability to access and retrieve critical information. Moreover, it allows you to access documents locally – yes, you heard it right – from anywhere in the world!

Easy transfer and retention of information

If storing physical documents seems difficult, then the process of transferring them is worse. Imagine the toll it would take on a person in charge of physically moving one official paper to one or multiple reviewers, editors, or signees who are responsible to approve them. And then imagine manoeuvring (mind you not just moving them but moving skillfully and carefully) hundreds and thousands of important documents to all those approvers. 

It is easy to see what a nightmare physical shifting of a document can become as a whole bunch of full-time workers devote most of their time (which could have rather been used for other productive work) to finish the task.

If you think email technology may solve this problem, not really. While it is valuable for many purposes, documents are still bound to slip through the cracks among so many emails or land up in spam.

With good document storage and management system, however, transferring of documents happens in a fraction of the time that would take for physical shifting. It also prevents the information from getting lost.

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