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20 Apr 2021

What are things you should know while moving homes during covid

 What are Covid-19 and social distancing?


Covid-19 is a contagious virus spreading across the continent at a very rapid speed. To avoid contracting the virus should sanitize avoid human contact via social distancing. In this condition is moving home a good option?

What About Storage Services?


All major storage companies have continued to run operations. The only changes that might occur are limited accessibility in case of hours of visit. You have to make sure that Storage companies are following proper hygiene practices, including sanitization and social distancing.


Should I Move During COVID-19?

Sometimes a move is unavoidable. In this case, the date for the move needs to be flexible, as the labour available with movers be limited. To avoid such a person, one should either decide upon two dates or fix an appointment in advance. While finalizing a moving company, one needs to make sure to confirm if they are following the proper sanitization process led by the government.


Does the mover have come to my place to take the quote?

Everything can be virtually booked in the digital age. So a visit before relocation maybe not be necessarily important. Complete details and maybe a video call will be sufficient.


What Is My Moving Company’s COVID-19 Policy?

The protocol is generally stated by the state government via newspaper and other media. But you can either confirm the same from the website of the movers or also the local authority to relocate hazel free.

What If I Want to Cancel My Move?

The rule and regulation change every week, depending upon the surge or falls in Covid 19 patients. It's better to confirm the cancellation policy of any company before hiring them. The cancellation policy has become quite flexible, for example, you might get a refund but can be utilized for postponed dates.


I’m Not Feeling Well, What Should I Do?

The first step should be informing the movers about your situation. This to protect their workforce from contracting the disease. It is very important to wear gloves and a mask while packing things. After packing the items, we need to make sure if they are properly sanitized. Safety and health movers as well as yourself are the top priority. Transparency is very important for keeping everybody safe. 


We need to also confirm if the staff of the lovers is Wearing proper gear like a mask and gloves while packing. Once the move leaves kindly sanitize any items your movers will be handled directly. 


Keeping a 24 hr packing window hours before when your movers will be arriving, and storage boxes in a closed room. Stay as far away as possible from your mover when they arrive  and continue wearing your mask and gloves

What is BeuritMovingAndStorage Doing Differently?

We prioritize the health and safety of our clients We adhere to guidelines laid by the government, to ensure the safety of the workforce as well as clients.

· Following guidelines around social distancing and sanitization

· Frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment

· To Practice social distancing with customers and  movers

· Wearing masks and gloves

· Keeping trucks stocked with hand sanitiser


All of the above-mentioned practices ensure that we are safely doing our job. 

Steps to follow before the movers arrive so that the moving process is hassle-free:


1. Lock dates with your movers

Every resource is in shortage during Covid. So, it is very important to pre-book date with the movers. Also, make sure that the dates are ab flexible considering the changing rules and situation outside.

2. List out supplies

Every step outside of the house could bring home risk. Make sure that you list all the required packing necessities and purchase them in one go. This will not only reduce the in and out running for requirement but also save time.

3. Sanitising is the key

The goods which are going to be packed may be either used items or pulled out of the cupboard. Both cases require proper cleaning. Take this opportunity to thoroughly clean all your goods. Also, sanitize all the packed boxes one kept aside in a room before they are moved.

4. Keep a 24 hr window before movers arrive

Coronavirus can last on surfaces for a long time, especially on cardboard boxes. Let us make sure that we are reducing the risk to the workforce by following certain measures.

Important Tips for Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

·         Be transparent with you or a family member experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

·        Pack 24 hrs before the movers arrive

·        Cancel your move if your area of moving is under high risk earlier rather than later

Please stay safe during your move. For professional packing, storage and moving services contact 

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