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30 Dec 2014

Purge out your wardrobe this New Year

Make your bed:
First of all, before you start, make your bed. When your bed is made, you will feel more inspired to clean your wardrobe and your bed will serve as a base for lying out and sorting your clothes.

Sort into 3 piles:
Take your clothes out of the closet and sort them into 3 piles on the bed: Keep, Throw or Maybe. The Maybe piles should only be chosen if you have a hard time deciding whether you should keep an item or toss it out. The thumb rule is to put items that you have not worn in a year in the toss pile.

Sort out clothes and shoes that need alterations or repairs and take them for repairs immediately. We often tend to delay alterations and create clutter in the closet.
Also make it a habit to alter items right away after you purchase them.

The Toss Pile:
Congratulation for putting items in the toss pile! It is not easy to get rid of possessions. There are 3 things you can do with these items: donate them, sell them online or toss them in the bin.

The Maybe Pile:
Get to the Maybe pile after you have finished deciding what you are going to do with the Toss pile. Clothes that are seasonal and for special occasions should go in storage. Keep aside not more than 5 items for sentimental reasons. Toss the rest.

Storage for seasonals:
You probably wear your fur or leather for one or two months a year. And that beautiful gown is worn maybe once a year or less. While these items should not be tossed for their value and potential usefulness, they also should not occupy the valuable real estate of your wardrobe. Put them in climate controlled storage unit and take them out of storage when you actually need them. These units ensures that they are in best conditions when they are taken out.

Reward yourself:
Go shopping and buy yourself t hat pretty dress you have been eyeing. You deserve it. And for once you will have space to put it.

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