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18 Sept 2021

Which One To Opt For? Removalists Or Trailer/Truck Hire?

When you are planning to shift to a new place or to storing your items in a storage unit, you also must plan - how you will move your items from one place to another without damaging them. The items could be heavy furniture, fragile items, electronics and even vehicles. To move them securely, you can either hire a trailer or the services of removalists, whichever suits you more. But, how to choose the right one?

The best option can be chosen by comparing their services, cost, time and convenience. Below are these points, explained in detail, that will help you choose the right one!


Removalists are the ones who will help you move and store your items from one place to another, be it a storage unit or a new house. They provide from full to partial services, from packing your stuff, renting a truck or a trailer to unpacking them in the new location. 

➢ Services

Removalists provides full or partial services to their clients like bringing in all packing materials, packing the items, providing transport facilities and even unpacking these items. They will also help in dropping off your items at a storage unit.

➢ Time

Removalists are quick at work. They will do all the work from packing to loading and unpacking. If you do all these things by yourself, it would take a lot of time.

➢ Cost

Professional Removalists will charge more as they will be doing all the work like packing- unpacking and transport of items. The more the work, the more will be the charges. 

➢ Convenience 

Removalists will be a more convenient option if the location is far, and items are heavy. Also, they do all the work from packing to transport and arranging the items back. They are experts who are good at their work. They take good care of your items and securely move them from one place to another.


A Trailer or Truck Hire simply means a place where u can rent a trailer or a truck. They offer different types of vehicles like trailers, vans or trucks. Different fee scales are offered by the companies to their clients.

➢ Services

The hiring companies offer different vehicles like a trailer, a van or a truck. You can choose the right one as per your needs.

➢ Time

When you hire a truck or a trailer, you will have to do all the work from packing to transporting, loading and unloading, all by yourself. This is more time consuming and exhausting. 

➢ Cost

Hiring companies offer different ranges of cost for a van, trailer or truck. As compared to Removalists, they are more affordable as you will have to hire only the vehicle.

➢ Convenience 

This option is only convenient if your items are less heavy and easy to handle. As you will have to do all the work of loading moving and unloading alone, this can be more stressful. 

What We Do At The Box

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