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9 Nov 2015

3 Things To Make The Storage Facilities Winter Ready

It is the time of the year when various self-storage managers have to get ready for a proper audit of their storage units. After all, there is nothing worse than when some customer arrives discovers that he needs to chisel up his way to the self-storage unit way that is completely packed with ice.

Hence, it is necessary for the storage and moving business, including Beirut International Movers to ensure their facilities are safe and accessible for tenants. How do you ensure that? Following some easy tips listed down.

1. First remove the snow:
In order to remove the snow, Beirut International Movers have the choice of either outsourcing the task or getting the required equipment and machinery to mow the snow by themselves. However, experts’ advice that spending money on getting a snow-removal service is cheaper than shelling out money for equipment and machinery. (And you never know whether the latter would suffice the hands and head of a snow-removal expert.)

2. Fill your storage units with necessary winter paraphernalia:
Self-storage managers and Beirut International Movers can stay away from the smoldering customer frenzy due to their incapability of accessing things due to icy walkways and frozen locks by having enough shovels and salt places in their storage units. Managers should be equipped with de-icer spray to help customers deal with frozen locks over their storage units.

3. Ensure complete insulation:
It is necessary that Beirut International Movers ensure that all the doors and windows of their storage units are properly insulated to prevent drafts.

Find the gaps around exit doorways and overhead garage doors. Repair them including broken sealants. Otherwise, they will create cold throughout your storage facility. Seal the holes and keep the cold air out.

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