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16 Jun 2016

Make Your Bedroom Spacious With Simple Storage Solutions

Your bedroom is your most loved corner in your house. Or maybe for most of the people it is. Just look at the image below. I can tell that any reader who’d look at this picture would want their bedroom designed in such a way. And surprisingly you can have a bedroom as spacious and as beautiful as displayed below. It is not a pricey deal; it is just a deal of clever storage! Yes, getting the right storage fits you can have a bedroom as beautiful and as spacious as the one above. So how can you tidy up your bedroom to make it more beautiful and spacious? Read on to know some intelligent storage solutions to have a blissful and idyllic bedroom!

Get a storage bed:
Storage bed also popularly known as ensemble bed is a must if you want to make a small bedroom spacious. It works in two ways for you. First, the bed performs its primary function of providing good sleep. Second, it has enough space to store things; Hence, a two-in-one solution. Storage beds nowadays have amazing designs you choose from, they look beautiful and the huge drawers they possess are quite functional in storing items like clothes, boots, linens, and so on.

Get customized dressing table with sliding drawer racks:
This is ideal for those who don’t have enough space for colossal chest of drawers. You can get custom-made drawers designed to fit into limited space.

Another great idea is to get dressing tables without mirrors. Instead of mirrors, attached are extra drawers. The drawers give you the required storage without galloping more bedroom space.

Dangling shoe racks:
These kinds of shoe racks consume very less space on a small corner of a wall. Also they prevent footwear from staying on the floor and tarnishing the floor thus preventing frequent cleaning of that area. The racks that are kept on the floor may also sometimes take up a lot of space especially when you pass through a narrow pavement to the exit of your house. These hanging racks are probably the simplest ways to keep your footwear organized in the least space.

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