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15 May 2017

Secure Storage: Packaging

Packaging should not only make a ‘thing’ look good but also help it justify its shelf life; if possible sustain beyond its shelf life. Read on to learn some quick packaging tips for effective storage.

Package as per the audience

iPhone appeals to a certain segment of people due to its superlative design and packaging. All in all, it makes for a great aesthetic pleasure. It is designed keeping in mind the values that drive the behaviour of its customers or target market. Package the item keeping your audience in mind. Will they be attracted to your product? Does the packaging reflect your target audience’s standard of living? Needs? Wants? Desires?

Pack to protect   

This applies especially to FMCG products. Packaging plays a significant role in determining whether your product will reach its destination unharmed or not. Packaging should consider the intricacies involved from storing to distribution; is it possible to package a product in the best way such that it sustains everything in between?

Importance of consistency

Standardized packaging for multiple goods reduces production costs. The task of loading the packaged goods quickly, storing them in warehouses and delivering to the desired destination becomes easy when packaging is consistent.

For instance, round bottles leave wide gaps when kept upon each other posing a threat of tumbling down if not tied well together. Also, a lot of space goes unconsumed. All this can be avoided by using square boxes.

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