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14 Oct 2019

5 Qualities to look for when selecting a Movers and Packers in Dubai

Moving and packing is in itself a complex task. But finding the right movers and packers is a whole other deal. The root problem is the uncertainty; we simply do not know where to begin or what exactly to look for before handing our belongings to someone.

So let us look at some basic qualities that an efficient movers and packers must possess.

By the literal definition of the word, the movers and packers must be friendly to the users. You are going to allow them into your home just like you would a friend, so you expect them to act like a friend. They must be trustworthy and honest in their service. The employees will be handling all your sensitive and private belongings so you must make sure the company is legitimate and genuine. 

They must also have professional work ethics; as the process of moving is susceptible to errors, the employees must take responsibility for them and make efforts to resolve it rather than sweeping it under the carpet. 

Provide Multiple Services

When looking for movers and packers, you obviously expect them to provide a broad range of services. You do not want to hire different movers for different materials so look for a one stop solution. 

The company should be capable of handling all kinds of materials, big or small, delicate or hard, fragile or rough; equipped with different tools ready to deploy.


This is a no-brainer. A well reputed movers and packers must have proper license and registration to work in the city. But it is your duty to make sure to verify their license before opting for their services.
You can also ask about the training that their employees receive just to have an idea on the type of service you are going to receive.

Systematic and Organized

The process of moving requires proper scheduling and a foolproof system that is why you hire movers and packers who can save you the hassle. But if the movers themselves are not organized then you might as well not hire them. 

Moving can be overwhelming and that can lead to a lot of errors like misplacing a belonging or worse completely losing it in the process. So make sure the movers have a well-documented list of your belongings and they carry out their service with an organized schedule.


When choosing a movers and packers you will have a certain budget expectation and it is not necessary that a company with all the necessary qualities will fall under your budget. Some companies might try to lure you in with their attractive services but will charge you excessively high while the same services can be obtained at a cost effective budget from another company.

So browse the market well and choose the one that fits your budget.

I hope this makes the selection process easier for you. So make sure to check for the above mentioned qualities before selecting a movers and packers.

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