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9 Sept 2020

How To Find A Reliable Moving Company?

Choose a trustworthy moving company can be challenging. Our advice and tips will help you to zero in on a reputable moving company for keeps.

 Count on referrals

Surfing the Internet or flicking through a phone diary can make your fingers hurt and you morose. For a positive change, consult your friends and family members. Take precious inputs from co-workers too who can recommend a good moving company. Don’t forget to take advice from your real estate agent as you ask the agent for referrals.

Be mindful of fraud

When choosing a moving company, remember that most reputable ones won’t ask for cash deposits before your move. If it looks like the mover is money hungry, walk away especially if the mover asks for money upfront. It’s one of the first legit signs that it might not be a genuine business.

Pro tip – Keep an eye out for the conduct of the movers whether it’s professional or unprofessional. For instance, if the movers turn up late, appear uncertain or confused, or dodge your questions, turn to another moving company.

When moving inventory

A reliable moving company will take stock of all your possessions to calculate the bulk and weight of your move. The mover should be knowledgeable and check every storage unit to be moved like cupboards, racks, drawers, garage, shelves, and bookcases. It’s because, by and large, the moving company decides the price to quote you based on the heft of your stuff. They also take into account how much space your goods will cover in the truck. It’s important to know this and be as accurate as you can.

Money matters

When getting estimates, make sure it happens in person. Don’t get elated over unusually low estimates as they come at a price. Avoid the moving company that sends you an estimate online or over a phone call without sending a person to scope out the task. Possible signs of a scam!

Verify authorizations

Credentials are important especially for moves between states. Check for the moving company’s license and other authorized elements. Good moving companies always display them on their website and advertising.

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