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19 Jun 2021

How To Secure Your Garage Better

Your garage houses your cars, motorbikes, trailers, boats and other plenty of tools. Due to these high priced items, the security of your garage must be strong. If not, it will be easy for robbers to damage or steal them.  

There are many aspects to strengthen the security of your garages like proper lighting, security cameras, study locks and many more. 

Below are some explained ideas that would help to secure your garage. 

➢Filmed Glass Frames For Windows: 

To limit the visibility of the garage from outside use of filmed glass for the window. It will be impossible for the burglar to peep inside the garage to check the contents stored in it.   

➢Automatic Doors Opener:  

Connect your garage door to your smartphone through wifi so that it can send alert notifications to your mobile whenever there is a breach in the garage. Never forget to close your garage doors, or else it will encourage more thefts. 

➢Security Cameras: 

24/7 CCTV installed outside as well as inside your garage can boost its security. You can connect it with your mobile through wifi and can keep an eye on your garage.  

➢Proper Lighting:   

Strong lights installed outside the garage helps to avoid burglaries at night. Motion-censored lights powered by solar energy will sense any movement near the garage and quickly light the area around it. 

 ➢Secure Garage Door Lock: 

If your garage has a manual lock, instal a sturdy one. To secure the emergency lock, tie a zip tie or a shield to it. Ziplock tied to the emergency level cannot be opened from outside.  

➢Check Your Landscaping 

Don’t forget to clear out the shrubs around your garage and let the pathway be free and open so that thieves will not get any cover to hide.   

➢Protect Your Home Door Attached With The Garage 

Keep the service door connected between your garage and the house closed to avoid burglars entering your home.  

➢Avoid Leaving Garage Door Opener Remote In Your Car 

Your garage has a connecting door to your house. If you leave your garage door opener remote in your car, the burglar can easily access it and will enter your garage as well as your home. Hence, avoid keeping the remote in the car. 

By following the above simple precautionary steps, you can secure your garage from burglaries. Even if you have to buy some sophisticated gadgets to secure your garage, it would not be a waste of money rather a long time investment. 

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