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26 Apr 2022

A Guide On Nursery Storage Ideas


Life becomes exciting when you realize a new member will be joining your family soon. When you are expecting a bundle of joy to arrive, there are heaps of preparations you have to complete. You have to buy new clothes, toys, blankets, cradles, milk bottles and many other items.  

But the main question remains how to prepare an adorable nursery for the baby. Many things have to be taken into consideration for setting up a nursery. You have to build a nursery in a way that the kid will be able to use it for some years. As per the size of the room, various storage ideas have to be implemented.  

Here is a guide for Nursery Storage Ideas every new parent would want to check out! 

1. Store The Unwanted Items  

If the room has some furniture or stuff that is used rarely, they can be kept in a storage unit. Check for storage companies that offer the storage units with the finest facilities. Compare them and choose the most appropriate one. 

2. Clean The Room 

The room where the nursery will be built must be clean. It must be free from dust and pests to avoid any infection that can catch hold of the baby.  Pest treatment must be done to safeguard the room against any kind of pests. The room must be well ventilated with grilled windows. Light curtains will allow enough sunlight to penetrate the room. 

3. Baskets For Clothes? 

These days adorable baskets are being manufactured for storing baby stuff. Different sizes of woven baskets are present in the market. They are of better quality and sturdy, and strong. Hence, they can be used for a longer period. The tiny clothes, socks, sweaters, jackets, and blankets can be bundled up and stored in these beautiful baskets. Everyday items can be stored in these baskets. They can also be kept inside the wardrobe. 

4. Cabinets? 

Drawers and Cabinets are other options for nursery storage. They help in keeping stuff safe from dust and pests. Clothes, medicines, blankets and towels can be bundled and stored in the drawers and cabinets. Custom made cabinets can be made to match the room background. 

5. Hampers For Toys? 

Hampers can be brought to store different toys. Various sizes of hampers are available in the market such as for small toys and large toys. A hamper can also be used for storing the socks, hats and pants of the baby. 

 6. Customized Shelves 

Shelves can be custom made as per need. The modular colourful shelves look pretty adorable in a nursery. Soft toys like teddy bears can be kept on these shelves. Ledges can be built to keep storybooks. It wouldn't look less than a library.    

7. Nursery Wardrobes  

Wardrobes of different colours, sizes and types can add more cuteness to the nursery. The wardrobe should match the other furniture in the room.  


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