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15 Dec 2020

Moving Tips That Will Keep You At Ease Throughout Your Journey


Packing up your life’s worth of things and moving to a new place does not have to be messy and chaotic – follow our simple but effective moving tips and you will find yourself sitting back and enjoying your new place before you know it. Let’s delve.

Throw it out

Stacking all your things into containers, boxes, sacks, bags, or sleeves can overwhelm you. Instead, it’s much easier when you cut down excess – as much as you can. When the clutter is gone, packing and moving is fun! So, before you start packing even a lone box, do a ruthless purge of items that have not been used or which you consider unnecessary. This way you will have less to pack, move, and eventually unpack. It will also help you to start your life afresh in your new place.

Pack well in advance

To avoid the trouble of sudden panic, it’s recommended that you start packing well ahead of your moving day. Ideally, you will know your moving date days or even weeks in advance, at least. You might want to set off stacking off-season things and things that are most important to you. In this way, when the time comes to pack every item up, many of them will have been ready for moving. This will keep you relaxed in the rather demanding final days just before the moving day. And you won’t get the jitters about everything not getting packed and moved in time. 

Planning to empty your dresser’s drawers? Wait!

You don’t need to! Instead of pulling your wardrobe out of your drawers to pack them into containers, simply slide the drawers out of your dresser while leaving your attire inside the drawer. Just secure the drawer with plastic wrap. 


If it is not weighty then leave the entire drawers inside the dresser and seal the dresser in plastic wrap to be moved.

Let it hang

You don’t need to take your clothes off the hanger. Anyway, why go through a ton of additional work of unhanging the attire, folding the clothes, and then putting them into a box only to hang the clothes back up in your new space?!

Skim through these trivial steps and just let your attire hang from the hangers.

Bonus Tip-

To make it easier and safer, group the hangers (with clothes, of course) up and wrap them in big garbage bags (yes, those black ones). You can even let them dangle inside the wardrobe and move the entire wardrobe instead.

Packing the essentials

We recommend you to have an overnight sack or a bag kind of thing which would hold all your essentials. Why would you need this? Chances are, you would be too exhausted to unpack your items when you set foot into your new place. But, you will want your necessary items within easy reach. In this case, your bag of essentials will save the day! 

Pro-Tip -

You can tuck a set of clothes and toiletries in this bag of essentials which will help you to make a quick move to your office the next day (if you’re going). 

Bonus Concluding Tip -

Don’t forget to label the SIDES of the container, not the top part. Why so? So that you can recognise them even if the boxes are stacked on top of one another!

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