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20 Nov 2021

A Guide For Students On Moving Out of Urban Accommodation

As the college term comes ends, students get busy packing their stuff to head for their homes. Cleaning the room and packing can become daunting tasks for the students. Chalk out a proper plan to avoid any mess. Below are a handful of steps that students must follow if they are moving out of their accommodations.  

1. Go Through Your Rent Agreement. 

A Rent Agreement is a document of the terms and conditions on which the room is rented out by the landlord to a tenant. Before starting the cleaning process or any repairs of the room, thoroughly read this agreement to know all the landlord's conditions, duties and rights of a tenant.   

2. Be Responsible 

Tenants should act responsibly while leaving their accommodation. They cannot leave the room in a mess or a damaged state. If they do so, then the landlord has the right not to return the security deposit to overcome the repair cost. So, it is better to keep the room in the same condition as you had received it. 

3. Take Photographs. 

Click the photographs before and after cleaning or repairing the room. Also, take pictures when the landlord visits for inspection. It will help in defending any fake accusations raised by the landlord in the future. 

4. Cleaning Your Accommodation. 

Students often forgot to clean their rooms due to their busy schedules and exams. Before shifting, the room needs to get squeakily cleaned. Hire professional cleaners for thorough cleaning. List out all the items that belong to you, and those that were provided by the landlord like fridge, furniture, and utensils at the time of shifting. Donate your unused items to some NGOs and chuck out the broken ones in the bin.  

Clean all the electronic items. Empty the fridge, unplug all the electronic devices and cover them to keep them away from moisture. 

5. Check For Repairs. 

Check if any repairs are needed for the items provided by the landlord. It’s better to leave the items the way they were given. If any electronic item is ruined, then hire a technician who can repair it or replace its spare parts with new ones. If a part of the furniture is broken, then hire a carpenter to mend it. If the walls have chipped, then hire a painter. 

Always paint the room before moving it. It leaves a good impression on the landlord. 

6. Pay The Pending Bills. 

Make sure you have paid all the bills like lights bill, water bill and gas bill. Ask these service companies to give you a final bill that you can clear before your shift. 

7. Packing Your Goods. 

Hire professional packers and movers who can help you in shifting. They will provide you with the moving boxes, pack your contents properly and transport them to their destination safely. Fragile and electronic items are carefully wrapped and packed for shifting.   

*Important Tip*: If the landlord unlawfully denies paying your deposit at the time of shifting, file a case in court. You can give the photographs that you had clicked on the room. 

Students can hire professionals from The BOX Beirut for packing and moving.   

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