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11 Nov 2021

Organizing And Storing Tips For Camping

Camping is an enthralling adventure that leaves you with amazing experiences. But, if one is not well prepared or forgets to carry some essential items, it can completely ruin the mood. One needs to have an organized plan to have all the required stuff. After camping, it is necessary to store all the camping gear securely. 

Here are the few tips mentioned, which will help one keep their camping gear in order while camping and later when storing them.  

1. Carry Necessary Items. 

When out camping, to make it more enjoyable, avoid carrying unnecessary items. Pack only essential items. Take a strong and sturdy tent that will not collapse due to strong winds. Carry a good amount of canned food and dry food items.  

Items like a first aid kit, toilet papers, power bank, torches, batteries, and paper soaps are a must. To have a comfortable sleep, take sleeping bags with a soft cotton blanket. Carry some soft hands and bath towels too. 

Other items to take are cookwares, a kettle, a foldable table and a chair,  insect repellent, solar lamps and match sticks. 

Essential items also depend on the weather and the campsite you have chosen, for example, sunscreen or a moisturizer. 

2. Make Use Of Waterproof Bags.

If you are camping during the monsoon season or near a river or a lake, carry all the items in a waterproof duffle bag.  It will protect all the items from moisture and avoid the growth of any moss or mould, thus, keeping them secure from any damage. 

3. Organized Packing 

Sort the items into groups before packing them like kitchen items, electronics, clothes, bathroom items, etc. Pack each group item in a separate bag. If packed in an organized manner, they can be easily accessed and will also save some space. Roll up all the cloth items to save some space. Foldable items are easy to carry.  

4. Listing The Things You Need

A double-checking of the item list won’t do any harm. After packing all the required stuff, make a checklist to avoid missing out on anything. 

This will aid in remembering the forgotten item that one can then pack immediately.  

5. Organize Your Camp. 

Proper distribution of the camp space for each job as per the requirement is vital to overcome any confusion and avoid any mishap. Cooking space must be more spacious and away from any flammable items. The tent must be placed near the shadow, away from any moisture and fire. 

Keeping your camp area hygiene and dirty free will protect it from pests and other wild animals.  

6. Storing Your Camp Items.  

Storing your camping gear is of utmost importance. But, before storing them, there are a few things one should take care of. Throw dirty clothes and blankets for a wash. Better to dry your wet tent first and then neatly fold it for storing. Don’t forget to remove the batteries from all electronic gadgets. Scrub, clean and dry all the cookware. Remove the air from your sleeping bags.  

Store the camping gear in a cool and dry place at home. Or, you can rent a storage unit at The Box Beirut! 

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