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22 Feb 2022

Tips & Tricks To Arrange Your Makeup Products

Which girl doesn’t like makeup? They are love! The collection of different brands of makeup is every girl’s hobby. But organizing them is not that easy. A shabby makeup kit creates a lot of confusion. This can make it tricky for you to access the items as and when required.  

Some makeup items’ casings or bottles are fragile. Keeping them messy can lead to breakage or spillage. When they are arranged systematically, these issues can be avoided. Hence, the shelf life of these products increases and they can be easily accessed. 

But how to keep them organized? Here’s the solution! 

Following are the tips that will give you an idea of how makeup products can be arranged systematically. 

1. Throw Away Expired Products  

The first thing you should do is check the product's manufactured year and the shelf life. If any of these products are expired, chuck out all of them. Avoid using expired or spoilt makeup products as they can cause allergies and harm your skin tone, causing skin diseases. 

2. Drawers, Boxes Or Pouches For Storage 

Makeup must be kept in a dark and cold place, away from sunlight and dust. Drawers have ample space to store all the makeup products. Make various sections in the drawer where different makeup items can be kept. 

Drawers protect these products from specks of dust and sunlight and keep them cool. Thus, spoilage of these products can be prevented. 

In case, you do not have a drawer, store makeup products in wooden or plastic boxes as they shield them from dust. If such boxes are not available, then use pouches or pencil cases to store these products. Pill Boxes can be used to store eyelashes. 

3. Labelling Benefits 

Makeup products stored in boxes or pouches without labelling can create confusion. For example, if we are in a hurry and want a particular coloured lipstick, we will have to check every box or pouch to find it. This time-consuming process can cause irritation.   

Labelled boxes and pouches as per the products can be time saving and easily accessible.  

4. Brushes In A Holder 

Different makeup brushes are available for eyes, lip and face makeup. These brushes can be stowed in a holder that has different sections to keep them separate. Make sure to regularly wash your makeup brushes and sponges to avoid any bacterial infection or allergies. 

5. Group Items As Per Their Brand, Use and Colour 

Makeup products should be grouped into any of these three sections: 

1. Brand 

2. Colour 

3. Use 

Lipsticks and Nail Paints should be stored as per their colour making it easy for you to reach them. Makeup products like pallets, blushes, and foundations can be stored together as per their brand. 

6. Safety While Travelling 

While travelling, wrap your fragile makeup products like compact, with bubble wraps and cushion them well to avoid breakage or spillage. Pack them systematically, so they take up less space in your bag. 


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