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25 Jun 2013

Get The Right Self-Storage Facility In 5 Steps

When you are looking for a self-storage facility there are high chances of you looking for it on the internet or searching for one in yellow pages. But there is more to a storage unit than just an internet search. Not all of them are the same and each one provides a range of services as per your needs and of course budget. Therefore, abide by these 5 simple steps to get the perfect storage for all your requirements.

1.       Location: One of the most vital factors in choosing a storage unit is where is it located. It should be closer to your home or may be to your work place. If none of these match then settle for a unit that is close to major freeways or highways. It will make things a lot easier and convenient for you.
self storage facility

2.       Security: What good is a self-storage facility if it cannot provide you safety and security? You should have the most updated security system to be at peace. It could be in the form of digital locks or matching gate access codes to your individual storage. Besides, a must have service is surveillance cameras that record all the activities within and around the units and security guards that make sure your items are stored safely.

3.       Access: The majority of storerooms limit access to certain hours of the day. Make certain the access hours are flexible for you so that you have maximum admission. However, there are some storerooms that provide 24*7 service. All you need to do is to look for them.

4.       Unit Sizes: You need to have the flexibility of choosing a storage as per your choice. For instance, if you have a small amount of items, you will be highly annoyed if you are given the size of of a one car garage. One good self-storage tip would be choosing the unit that lets you stock up as per your needs and you have to pay only for that.

5.       Environment: If you have antiques, paintings, photographs, books, video films, etc it would be better if you call for a climate-controlled storage. They will be a bit more expensive than a conventional one, but totally worth it. So, confirm once before you settle for it!

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