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23 Jul 2022

All About Storing Camping Equipment

Camping trips are full of wonder and adventure. Planning for such trips takes loads of pre-planning. Likewise, storing the camping gear too takes time. Once you return from your camping trip, it is essential that you properly store your camping gear for its durability. 

The camping equipment can include a tent, portable stove, torch, utensils, blankets, clothes, shoes, and beds. They ought to be taken care of by thoroughly cleaning and keeping them in a dry place. You can store them in your house or a storage unit. Several methods can be used to keep them safe and long-lasting. 

Tips For Storing Camping Equipment 

1. Wash  and Dry The Tent 

As the camping tent is exposed to heat, dirt, and moisture, it results in the breeding of moss, mildew, bugs, and pests. It will damage the tent beyond repair. Hence, the first step is to wash and scrub the tent with mild detergent, disinfectant, and warm water to remove all the mud and insects. After it is absolutely dried, fold and store it in a dry and cool place. 

2. Cleaning Camping Kitchen Stove 

With constant use, the portable stove becomes greasy and black with soot. As these stoves are made of metal, they become rusty when they are not constantly kept clean. Before cleaning, remove the gas tank attached to it. Then, wipe clean the stove and store it in an airy room. Scrub and wash the dirty used plates and cups. 

3. Remove Batteries 

Before storing any electronics like a torch, if batteries are left inside for a long time, then they become spoilt and start oozing harmful chemicals. It will even harm electronic devices. Therefore, it is preferred to remove the batteries before storing them. 

4. Clean The Beds  

Campsites are surrounded by dirt and different types of bugs. Often beds and blankets become home for them because of the warmth and protection it offers. These beds must be washed with detergent and warm water and hung for drying. If foldable or rollable, place them neatly inside their bags or can hang them with the help of a hanger. 

5. Wash Camping Clothes 

Camping clothes are different and expensive from normal ones. Special care must be taken to clean them. Launder these soiled clothes in a machine and store them away from moisture.  

6. Clean Your Camping Shoes 

Camping boots are pricey and must be kept clean. They get covered with mud and water while hiking. Clean them as per the given instructions and keep them for drying. Later, wrap them in plastic until their subsequent use. 

7. Hire a Professional For Storing 

These pieces of equipment can either be kept in the attic or basement or they can be stored in a rented storage unit. To save space at home, a storage unit is a better choice. The unit staff is professional, and their air-conditioned units keep away moisture, dust, and pests. They even provided ample security to these gear.  

The Box

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