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7 Jul 2022

Everything About Storing Patio Furniture


During family or friends' get-togethers, most time is spent in the patio area. Outdoor lounging with them offers the utmost comfort and joy. Though patio furniture is made for outdoor requirements, as soon as, monsoons and winters arrive, they need to be stored properly.   

During monsoons and winter, the patio furniture made of plastic, metal, or plastic can get damaged. Even during hot summer, the sunlight can fade off their colouring. 

To increase their shelf life and protect them from any damage, furniture needs to be stored in a dry area, either in the attic, a basement, or a self-storage facility. Another reason for storing them is when you are shifting to a new house

Types of Patio Furniture and ways of storing them securely. 

1. Cushioned Furniture 

Cushioned furniture is the most vulnerable type of furniture. They easily get damaged during the monsoon and winter seasons. The moisture, humidity, and snow allow the growth of mould and mildew on these cushions, spoiling the cotton materials inside them.  

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

These cushions and the fabrics used should be regularly clean with bleach. For storing, you can either cover them with plastic sheets or can be stored in cardboard or plastic boxes. Storing in boxes is better as they help in preventing any moisture from entering and ruining the materials. 

2. Wooden Furniture 

Due to continuous rainfall, wooden furniture can absorb moisture which will make them crack, paving way for the growth of fungus. During winters, the chilly climate can freeze the woods and fracture them within. 

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

Before storing, they should be first mildly washed with bleach and water. Once they are dry, paint them and apply a sealant of wax or any other water repellent to shield them against the moisture. 

3. Metal Furniture 

Metal Furniture can become rusty the moment it comes in contact with moisture from snow and rainfall. This will weaken them and break them away. 

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

They should be washed and dried. Then, they should be treated with an anti-rusting solution and then repainted and waxed before storing. 

4. Plastic Furniture 

Plastic may not absorb moisture but becomes brittle during winters and can break. 

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

Thoroughly wash them with detergent and keep them dry. Only then, put them for storage. 

5. Umbrellas 

Patio Umbrellas are the most sensitive type of furniture. 

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

First, make sure all the bugs and dust are cleaned. Then, scrub and wash them with mild detergent and warm water. Put it for drying. Do oiling of the handle, switches, and locks of the umbrella and wrap them before storing. 

6. Outdoor Swings 

Outdoor Swings are the most loved furniture. But they need to be properly looked after. 

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

They must be dusted off from cobwebs and dirt. Wash them with water, and dry them completely. Cover them with huge sheets to protect them from moisture. 

7. Movable FirePits 

Movable Firepits must be disconnected from propane tanks before cleaning.  

➢ Cleaning & Storing 

Wash the grates and screens with baking soda and water. Dry, wrap and store them till their next use. 

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