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25 Jul 2022

What Steps Should Be Followed To Store An RV?

Recreational Vehicle or RV is a trailer designed like a portable quarter to accommodate every home feature. RVs have become our adventure partners that offer us comfort and homely sentiment when on long road trips. 

When RVs are off-road, due to workload or off-season, they cannot be stored anywhere carelessly. RV is an expensive asset and proper care must be taken of it. It should be stored in the right storage facility.  

Certain steps should be followed before packing an RV in a self-storage unit. 

RV Storage Tips

1. Thorough Cleaning 

Throw all the cloth material in the machine for the wash. Remove all the food materials from the fridge and storage containers. Clean all used dishes. Scrub any oil stains present. Vacuum every corner of the vehicle. Wash the exterior with soap and water to remove all dust.  

2. Draining The Liquids 

Empty the water tanks or they will turn stale and allow the growth of moss, and mildew. Wash and clean these tanks for next use. Plumbing the pipes is a must to avoid stagnated water. Defrost the freezer and remove all the ice. 

3. Safe From Pests 

Make sure you spray your RV with anti-pest medicine. Repair and seal the cracks to avoid any pests or rodents from entering. Hire pest control experts for some help. Keep naphthalene balls at every corner. 

4. Open Air Vents, Close Windows 

All the windows of the RV must be firmly closed. Keep the air vents open to allow the free flow of fresh air and remove the damp smell. But do not forget to cover these vents with nets to prevent unwanted creatures from entering. 

5. Maintaining The Tyres 

Tires often lose air when they sit in one place for a long time. It is due to the weight of the vehicle. Try removing the heavy items from your RV. Take the vehicle out for a ride once or twice a month. You can also place a wide wooden slab under the tire to handle the pressure.  

6. Check On The Batteries 

Make sure batteries are fully charged before RV goes for storage. Switch them off to avoid draining their power. Recharge them regularly to keep them running and maintained. 

7. Never Empty The Fuel Tank 

Do not empty the fuel tank. Fill it fully with fuel along with the fuel stabilizer. This stabilizer will help in keeping the fuel in good condition. After filling, start the engines to spread the stabilizer with the fuel. Don't forget to oil the engine to prevent them from rusting. 

8. Covering Up 

Cover not only the interior of the RV with covers but also the exterior. Covering helps shield the vehicle, especially when parked in an open storage lot. Covering the interior will help the cleaning process and be ready to use when required. 

9. Selecting Right Storage Unit 

Make a list of all the nearby storage facilities available. Compare and choose the best vehicle storage facility loaded with the latest security features at the right price.  

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