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22 Jul 2013

It’s All about Public Self Storages

An industry, in which storage space is leased on a monthly basis to individuals as well as businesses, is called a self storage. This could be in the form of big rooms, lockers, boxes, canisters, etc. Thus, public self-storages are ideal for home as well as business needs. It helps people and companies alike to store whatever they do not have room for, don’t need direct access to, or they have so much stuff taking over their homes, a storage unit becomes essential to help de-clutter their lives and their homes. Besides, these places are not just places to stock up your belongings, but provide you a high degree of security as well. The type of unit you choose will be based solely as per your needs and requirements.

 You will have a range to pick from depending upon the size and price you are comfortable with. Simply put, the bigger your unit, the more you pay for your rent. There are some storage basics that one needs to follow to get the perfect storage. Read on.

As mentioned earlier, size does matter. There are different spaces that are rented on a monthly to a yearly basis. The most common size is 10’ x 5’ and it can go up to 10’ x 30’ or even more depending upon the individual or businesses need. Public storage services give you extra locks for added security. Moreover, there are surveillance cameras and digital lock codes that need to be passed before entering the unit. Other factors that may perhaps affect the price are if the unit is temperature controlled. Then there is an open storage unit and an enclosed one.

For instance, if you decide to store large items, such as your car, RV, etc. Would you want to rent extra open space or do you want to keep it bounded? However, you cannot stock up perishable items, toxic substances or any form of harmful materials in the units. Also, you are not allowed to sleep or live in the units.

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