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29 Nov 2013

6 Tips for Selecting your Document Storage Provider

 Sometimes things can get too cluttered in your work space. That’s when you have to opt for a document storage provider who can take care of your documents properly. The below mentioned tips will allow you to select a suitable document storage provider. Read on:

1.    Ensure that the barcodes are intact. Make sure that each of your documents is protected by a strict barcode that doesn’t get lost or fade out. In either case, you are bound to lose your documents.

2.    Keep a dry powder fire system ready at hand to protect your documents during natural calamities such as fire. The dry powder system uses dry chemicals for extinguishing fire which in turn protects your documents from fire as well as water.

3.     Ensure that the provider keeps the documents in steel racks rather than plywood ones which are bound to get damaged and are flammable as well.

4.    The location of your document storage provider is also crucial. Hence, make sure that the storage place is located somewhere close to the civil defense station to get protection in case of natural calamities.

5.    Considering that Gulf countries generally have a warm climate, air conditioning of the storage area becomes a must. This will keep the documents protected from moisture and humidity for a long time.

6.    While you’re signing the contract papers at the time of hiring the document storage provider, make sure there are no unwritten withdrawal fees attached to them. If you don’t take care, you will have to shell out a huge sum if you plan to leave the document storage provider any time in the future.

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