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2 Jun 2016

How Did The wave of Spick-And-Span Storage Solve Storage Problems?

Self storage is absolutely contrary to the fact of storing items that you don’t need currently but will need in future in a manner that leaves them of no good value due to the storage process. This includes loading items in small room or garage without giving concern to the items’ longevity, thus cluttering the room, and damaging the items over a period of time.

The wave
Self storage facilities brought in a wave of ‘spick-and-span storage’ where now people are given storage spaces by storage companies. People can rent the spaces and have full control over the space till their lease period matures. People can now store anything from small household items, small business supplies, inventory, and car to large organizational equipment.

All the items stored are protected against slightest damage like distortion, damage due to natural disasters like fire and so on. You can rest the worries of incidences of theft on good storage facilities that have advanced surveillance and security devices to prevent any thefts. In case of any kind of damage, ensure that you are getting a sufficient insurance cover from the storage company.

Variety of sizes
The self storage companies provide different types of storage units, satisfying both- the commercial tenants as well as residential tenants.

Get additional moving services
Select from the best relocation services in Beirut that provide moving services also. Get moving vans, and trucks running to your doorstep to pick up and drop your items to the storage houses. U-haul truck rentals are also available for people who want to transfer big volumes of goods to a storage container.

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