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9 Jul 2021

Affordable Storage Unit And Good Storage Unit - Can They Be The Same?

Can affordable storage and a good one be the same? The internet search for it gives you confusing answers. So we decided to help you to look for affordable as well good storage in one go. Affordable storage does not have to be compromising one too. Firstly, it is essential to do conduct rough research on what you want vs what you can afford vs what is available. 

Narrow down to some options and pay a visit to the storage units. 

1. Cleanliness

We at The Box believe that cleanliness should be the priority for choosing storage. Affordable doesn’t always equal clean. Make sure that at the time, you enquire about the cleanliness regime followed by the company and make sure you physically inspect a unit. Additionally, you may wish to ask about the regular maintenance that takes place on the general grounds of the facility. Regular maintenance makes sure that the unit is safe from insects, rats, and dampness due to water.

2. Security

May it be a storage unit, a godown, or your own house, one needs to make sure the security is satisfactory.

When you are looking for affordable it doesn’t mean compromising on your peace. If the facility you will potentially be using has good lighting, strong security doors with alarms on each unit, pin security access, CCTV, and strong, secure fences. Additional questions to consider, depending on your location, what fire and/or flood protection measures the facility has in place. 

3. Accessibility

The reason for hiring a storage facility may be anything, but the accessibility should be 24*7. Most facilities will offer 7-day access but may not be 24*7 access. But if you are looking for this feature the cheap storage may not be your choice. Facilities with 24hr access may have higher fees, so if you only need access during normal facility hours, then shop around for a facility where you don’t need to pay for additional access.

4. Location

Choosing a facility near your vicinity not only reduces your transportation cost but also allows you to access the facility at operational timing. So maybe 24*7 access be not required reducing your cost and rent. The cheapest self-storage may be an hour or more drive from your home or office, but if you need to access your belongings regularly, then the time and petrol you will spend going to your unit is not only going to make this an inconvenience but will add to the total actual cost of your storage. But if you are not going to access the unit regularly, choosing the facility in the outskirts may reduce the rent for you.

5. Easy Payment Options

If you are looking for an affordable storage facility, why not look for something in instalments. Whatever may be your reason you can always look for a facility offering EMI, part payment, or a discount on a bulk payment option. Though the facility doesn’t become cheap nut affordable for you.

6. Technical Support Knowledge and support

Finally, after all the research and deciding one important aspect is the service. May it be on location or a call, the facility you choose has a staff who will be able to support you in choosing the right sized locker/bay for your goods but will also be able to offer advice as you pack, transport, and store your goods.

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