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21 Mar 2022

How To Keep Your Mudroom Clutter Free?

A Mudroom is a space area between the entrance of the house and the main house. It is usually a place to store wet clothes, coats and muddy boots before entering the main house. Removing filthy things outside the main house will help keep the house clean, smell-free and mud-free.  

Be it any season, a mudroom is always be found in a mess. During the monsoon, the mudroom is filled with dirty muddy wet sneakers, boots, and raincoats. During the winters, snowy boots, skis and fur coats fill up most of the area.  

Organizing a mudroom is a tormenting task because of all the wet mud, dirt, and littered items. But walking into such a shambled place is not easy and can even make one stumble. 

Here is a guide on how a mudroom can be kept clutter-free!  

1. Regular Clean Ups 

The best way to keep a mudroom free from any clutter is to do regular cleaning. As soon as you enter the mudroom, remove your dirty shoes and coats in their proper place. Let the wet umbrella dry, and only then fold and keep it in its rack. Vacuum the room every alternate day or every weekend to keep it dust-free. 

2. Chalking A Layout 

For the systematic arrangement of a mudroom, a layout needs to be designed on what all items and furniture are required and how they can be properly placed. Set the items in a way that will leave enough room to walk around. A spacious and ventilated mudroom makes the surroundings free and airy, and locating the required items becomes easy. Boots and shoes must be kept near the entrance. 

3. Right Furniture 

Selecting the right furniture depends on the layout of the mudroom. Add cupboards, cabinets, and a bench.  

4. Easy Access To Frequently Used Items 

The items that are used regularly must be placed in the front for quicker reach. The searching process becomes uncomplicated and less confusing.  

5. Vertical Storage Cupboards 

Vertical storage cupboards help store items like winter coats, mufflers, raincoats, skis and roller boards. Wet clothes can be hung on hooks and skis and boards can be stored vertically to avoid falls and damage.  

6. Buy Required Storage Accessories 

Buying storage baskets or boxes for each family member’s items can help in keeping them in place. Make sure they are strong and long-lasting quality. Label these boxes to know their owner. Hooks on the wall can enable holding keys and bags. 

7. Suitable Flooring 

The floor tiles of the mudroom must be hard. Any slippery caused due to wet shoes or boots can be avoided. A dark coloured mat at the entrance door will be able to soak the moisture and cover the mud stains on it.   

8. Proper Lighting  

The mudroom must have enough lighting that will make movement and access to things easy.   

9. Store Away Unwanted Items 

Seasonal items can be stored in a good storage unit to save space for other items. Find one! 

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