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22 Aug 2022

Steps On Storing Photographs In A Self-Storage Unit


Photographs are not just mere fragments of paper. They are those special memories captured in a frame you treasure the most in your life. They have an immense value that makes them unique and irreplaceable.

Even though we live in a digitized world, photographs give us the joy that digital ones can never give. They make us nostalgic and work like a time machine, taking us back in time to those lovely moments. 

These pieces of memories need to be stored in a protected place as they get easily damaged. Severe temperature changes, moisture, and sunlight decay them. Sometimes, due to lack of home space, we stack them up on one another without proper care. Ultimately, it creates cracks and destroys them. Hence, they must be stored in a storage unit to safeguard against all the above elements. 

Steps To Store Photographs In A Self-Storage Unit

1. Handle With Care 

Photographs are sensitive items, and hence they must handle with utmost care. Before touching them, you should make sure your hands are not wet. When moisture comes in contact with the photographs, it creates cracks on them and can even make them peel. It allows the growth of moss, and mildew on their surfaces, thus completely ruining them.  

2. Don't Forget To Keep Digital Copies 

It is essential to store digital copies of your photographs. In this way, even if the original ones are ruined or lost, the digital ones work as a backup that will help in keeping the memories safe. HD quality copies will preserve the originality of the photos. You can store them on a USB or in a file.  

3. Organize But Don't Stack Them Over 

When photographs are organized systematically, it will make the search in the future easy. They must be assorted, as per the groups - colour, size, or year-wise. They shouldn't be kept in direct contact with each other. 

Keep tape, glue & rubber bands away from the photos as they may stick the photos together and spoil their prints. Don't forget to separate the bad photos from the good ones.  

4. Get Good Quality Of Albums & Storage Boxes 

Purchase albums that are made of acid-free materials. These albums must have sheet protectors that will keep the photographs safe as they will shield them against dust, light, moisture, or pests. A single photo must be placed on one sheet. Avoid overfilling photographs as it may break the cover and even tear them. 

5. Hiring A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit 

As photos are susceptible items, temperature fluctuations, dust, pets, and moisture have severe impacts on them. These factors can decay and destroy the evidence of your beautiful memories. To preserve them, they must be stored in a storage unit that is equipped with a climate-control system. This unit will seal the room, barring entry of any dust or pests. A standard temperature is maintained in the room, keeping moisture away from all the items. 

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